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09/20/10 Ash borer news hits home in Naperville
By Stephanie Penick - A few months ago, I started using the computer upstairs in my son's former bedroom where I've enjoyed overlooking the front yard and beyond from its large bay window. When it's sunny, it's good for my disposition. FULL STORY
08/22/10 Term limit question should spark debate
By Stephanie Penick - After a Naperville City Council meeting in June, I wrote that the subject of term limits evokes powerful passions on all sides of the discussion. FULL STORY
07/26/10 Memories of a kinder, gentler time
By Stephanie Penick - Just about every turn I took recently directed me to a gentler, kinder, simpler time. For one, Dawn Portner at NCO Youth and Family Services had mentioned she was putting together a "New York City" tour package for the group's annual dinner auction... FULL STORY
06/25/10 Discussion about term limits in Naperville is just a start
By Stephanie Penick - When I called my dad on Father's Day, we commiserated a little about the state of the union. We always talk politics. FULL STORY
06/14/10 Cell phone conundrum -- is it safe or for safety?
By Stephanie Penick - Consider these thoughts and a few close encounters from last week. The other morning while walking our dog later than usual, I came upon a youngster riding his 20-inch mountain bike down the middle of Whispering Hills Road. FULL STORY
05/19/10 Markets offer fresh produce right off the farm
By Stephanie Penick - Though I grew up in Muncie, Ind., the daughter of a building contractor, I count my blessings every day for about 25 years worth of summer vacations on my grandparents' farm in Battle Ground, where my grandfather - and later his nine children -... FULL STORY
05/05/10 High schools' theatrical productions truly celebrate the arts
By Stephanie Penick - I hope you were among the thousands of family members, friends and supporters of the performing arts who helped put butts in seats in our high school auditoriums April 29 to May 2. FULL STORY
04/26/10 Nostalgia shows how Naperville has changed
By Stephanie Penick - On a number of different scores, the ups and downs of last month created some March sadness for me. FULL STORY
04/08/10 Passionate propensity for 'P' words pours out
By Stephanie Penick - As I rejoiced among the cheerful voices on Easter Sunday, I recalled several conversations from the previous week. FULL STORY
03/11/10 St. Baldrick's Day: Fighting cancer one head at a time
By Stephanie Penick - As a I watched Barbara Walters' retrospective of her interviews of Academy Award nominees Sunday, I got stuck on the image of Debra Winger as actor after actor flashed on the TV screen. FULL STORY
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