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11/17/11 For Stephanie Penick, a single picture brings back a thousand memories
Stephanie Penick - A family photograph from Thanksgiving 1950 brings back countless memories for our Stephanie Penick, and provides a reminder for all of us about the importance of remembering family and friends. FULL STORY
11/11/11 Let's reflects on numbers in the news
By Stephanie Penick - Did anybody else connect the news that $7 billion was spent on Halloween and the 7 billionth person in the world was born by the end of October 2011? Our Stephanie Penick notes that already November has been focused on numbers, too. FULL STORY
10/18/11 Handwritten letters on endangered species list
Stephanie Penick - Stephanie Penick remembers a time before handwritten letters were on the endangered species list. A recent trip to the post office, she says, may help explain why. FULL STORY
10/11/11 Readers put Penick's 'P's in perspective
By Stephanie Penick - Our Stephanie Penick says she's pleased as punch about the feedback on her column about 'P' words. FULL STORY
10/04/11 P is for Penick - and plenty more
By Stephanie Penick - Stephanie Penick says she's long been fascinated by things that start with the letter P. And with election season almost upon us, she says, it's time we all got prepared for politics. FULL STORY
09/08/11 Memories of a horrific morning
Stephanie Penick - Our Stephanie Penick recalls where she was the morning of Sept. 11, and the devastation of learning that three friends from New York City were killed in the terrorist attacks. FULL STORY
08/17/11 Naperville scultpure offers lessons in recycling and the arts
By Stephanie Penick - The reinstallation of the Symbiotic Sojourn scultpure in downtown Naperville provides our Stephanie Penick with some lessons in both recycling and the arts. FULL STORY
07/20/11 Former Naperville resident takes walk through time
By Stephanie Penick - Former Naperville resident Andy Richter returns and gets a unique walking tour of his hometown accompanied by our own Stephanie Penick. FULL STORY
06/23/11 Rotary well worth 90 minutes a week
By Stephanie Penick - Stephanie Penick's first year in a Rotary Club featured guest speakers who'd climbed Mt. Everest, tracked polar bears and carried Olympic torches. She could only imagine what she would learn if she stuck with Rotary for a lifetime. FULL STORY
06/03/11 Visit to parents brings back memories
By Stephanie Penick - Stephanie Penick reflects on reading, obesity and special days in her life. FULL STORY
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Displaying 31 through 40 of 62 results
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