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06/18/12 A whirlwind vacation trip - to Chicago?
By Stephanie Penick - Our Stephanie Penick says she's staying pretty close to home this summer. But it didn't stop her from talking a whirlwind vacation day in Chicago. FULL STORY
05/22/12 Family history carved in her dad's workbench
By Stephanie Penick - A visit home reminds our Stephanie Penick of some of the lessons she learned -- and provides her with some new insight into her dad and his workbench. FULL STORY
05/07/12 Celebrate women both in the home and at work
By Stephanie Penick - Our Stephanie Penick says she's always surprised when women criticize other women for the choices they make about jobs and homes. With Mother's Day approaching, she says, we should learn to celebrate all their choices. FULL STORY
04/11/12 How local coffee drinkers can help Honduran farmers
By Stephanie Penick - Our Stephanie Penick learns how some great-tasting coffee and can actually help people in need in Honduras. FULL STORY
03/29/12 Why the battle against polio isn't over
Stephanie Penick - Many of us grew up in a country where polio seems a distant unpleasant memory. But our Stephanie Penick and members of the Rotary Club of Naperville Sunrise know better. FULL STORY
03/02/12 Edward Hospital celebrates 10th anniversary of Animal-Assisted Therapy program
By Stephanie Penick - For 10 years, Edward Hospital has suplemented its high-tech health care with the warm, furry healing powers of dogs. The Animal-Assisted Therapy program brings well-behaved dogs and well-trained handlers to visit with patients who enjoy the happy... FULL STORY
02/14/12 Coming face to face with a Cyclops in the mirror
By Stephanie Penick - When our Stephanie Penick woke up the other morning she found her face swollen and one eye screwed shut. When she looked in the mirror a Cyclops seemed to be staring back. What in the name of Shel Silverstein was happening? FULL STORY
02/03/12 You never know what you'll find through geocaching
By Stephanie Penick - A casual conversation leads our Stephanie Penick on an exploration of the hobby of geocaching and on a trip down memory lane. FULL STORY
01/23/12 In our busy world, it's easy to miss an incredible January sunset
By Stephanie Penick - More and more, we're all called to pay attention. But do we? What do we miss? Our Stephanie Penick was lucky enough to take a break and catch a stunning sunset. FULL STORY
11/26/11 Tips to make your holiday giving more scam free
By Stephanie Penick - Our Stephanie Penick offers some tips for holiday giving -- and how to avoid being taken in the process. FULL STORY
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