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04/05/13 Naperville celebrates Prairie Path's 50th birthday
By Stephanie Penick - Through its ties to May Watts, Naperville boasts a close relationship to the Illinois Prairie Path, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Our Stephanie Pencik explores the Naperville connections and the community's pride in the naturalist... FULL STORY
02/18/13 Make your own feeder and become a backyard birder
By Stephanie Penick - Our Stephanie Penick has fond memories of watching wild birds with her children and building feeders with her son. Today, she shares her tips for backyard birding. FULL STORY
01/11/13 Christmas memories include gifts of disappointment
By Stephanie Penick - Our Stephanie Penick touched a nerve when she shared her story of the year she wanted a pony for Christmas but opened up a vanity chair instead. Readers couldn't wait to recount their Christmas disappointments. FULL STORY
12/20/12 You can't always get a pony for Christmas
By Stephanie Penick - Our Stephanie Penick says you can't always get what you want for Christmas -- even if you really, really need a pony -- but the memories always stay with you. FULL STORY
11/13/12 Concerned residents can say a lot in just three minutes
By Stephanie Penick - Our Stephanie Penick is getting ready to speak before the Naperville City Council next week about a proposed development along Water Street in downtown. See what she has to say. FULL STORY
10/22/12 Naperville man overcomes physical challenges to join dad in shredding business
By Stephanie Penick - If you were around on Groundhog Day in 2011, you likely remember when nearly 20 inches of snow blew into town. In the aftermath of the blizzard, huge mounds of the white stuff sat shoveled at the corners of intersections. I photographed a neighbor,... FULL STORY
09/18/12 Demonstrate ample caution when purchasing prescription drugs
By Stephanie Penick - Stephanie Penick says caution always should be the byword when purchasing prescription drugs, either online or at your pharmacy. FULL STORY
08/21/12 Be thankful for farmers - and tomatoes
By Stephanie Penick - Our Stephanie Penick made two summer trips to Indiana. Along the way, the dry landscape reminded her of an important expression passed along years ago when she helped the Wheatland Plowing Match Association with its newsletter. Simply put, "No... FULL STORY
07/28/12 Our Stephanie Penick learns her neighbor has deep musical roots
By Stephanie Penick - Our Stephanie Penick always knew her neighbor got long with her girl dog named Karl. But until recently, she didn't realize the depth of Julio Davis' talent for jazz and hip-hop. FULL STORY
07/03/12 Memories of the Exchange Club, Ribfest and more
By Stephanie Penick - Ribfest and its sponsor, the Naperville Exchange Club, bring back plenty of happy memories for our Stephanie Penick. FULL STORY
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