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05/26/10 Jenks flirts with disaster, survives bases-loaded jam
By Scot Gregor - Just when it looked like Bobby Jenks was getting back into a groove as the White Sox' closer, he came dangerously close to blowing a huge lead against the Indians on Wednesday. FULL STORY
05/26/10 Guillen, Buehrle ejected by umpire West vs. Indians
By Scot Gregor - White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and starting pitcher Mark Buehrle were each ejected by first-base umpire Joe West early in Wednesday's game against the Indians at Progressive Field. FULL STORY
05/26/10 Sox' offense starting to show some life
By Scot Gregor - It's a work in progress, but it looks like the White Sox' offense is gradually emerging from a season-long slump. FULL STORY
05/26/10 Peavy just doesn't have it in loss to Indians
By Scot Gregor - Jake Peavy didn't allow a run in the first inning during Tuesday night's start against the Indians at Progressive Field. FULL STORY
05/26/10 Vizquel happy with hit, not so happy with his role
By Scot Gregor - Omar Vizquel had mixed emotions Tuesday. On the one hand, the White Sox' 43-year-old utility infielder was understandably proud about singling in the fifth inning against the Indians on Monday night. FULL STORY
05/25/10 Danks deserves win, and gets it
By Scot Gregor - CLEVELAND - John Danks did most of the heavy lifting in his last 3 starts, limiting the opposition to 7 earned runs in 212/3 innings. FULL STORY
05/25/10 First inning biggest problem for Peavy
By Scot Gregor - There's an old saying about ace starting pitchers - get to them early or don't get them at all. That seems to be the case with White Sox right-hander Jake Peavy, who starts against the Indians on Tuesday night. FULL STORY
05/25/10 For Sox, key now is to keep taking series
By Scot Gregor - Major-league baseball is different from other professional sports. With so many games, 162 in the regular season, winning every time out isn't only unrealistic, it's impossible FULL STORY
05/22/10 Time is on Santos' side on becoming a closer
By Scot Gregor - With Sergio Santos, the question no longer seems to be if. It's when. As in, when is the converted shortstop going to take over as the White Sox' closer? FULL STORY
05/22/10 Floyd keeps the faith and puts it all together
By Scot Gregor - Gavin Floyd has always had the arm - it's the reason the Philadelphia Phillies made him the No. 4 overall pick in the 2001 draft. FULL STORY
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Displaying 1331 through 1340 of 1513 results
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