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01/22/11 Boyle, Rams clean up on Glenbrook S.
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - When a referee spotted blood on his jersey, Casey Boyle was required to head for the bench. FULL STORY
01/21/11 Warren battles past Zion-Benton
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - It was a fight to the end. And there was one in the middle, too. The shameful antics of a small group of fans temporarily disrupted the flow of Friday's North Suburban Conference Lake Division showdown between Zion-Benton and host Warren. FULL STORY
01/21/11 WNBA star Catchings knows the gift of giving
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - It takes time for most kids to grasp the concept of sharing. So it's no surprise that Tamika Catchings and her two siblings had the averse reaction they did when their parents told them about their new plan for Christmas presents. FULL STORY
01/20/11 Mundelein's Sawvell dishes out pain for a change
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Right now, the count stands at 20 broken bones, 110 stitches, 14 screws, 3 metal plates and a four-hour surgery. That's Ryan Sawvell's medical history in a nutshell, and he's knocking on wood that history doesn't repeat... FULL STORY
01/20/11 Roberts enjoys trip back to Lake Zurich
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Losing is never fun. But seeing old pictures of your head coach playing basketball in high school, sporting a dated hairdo, sure can be. FULL STORY
01/16/11 Frustrating night as Libertyville edges Lakes
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - The rims at Lakes High School must have been angry.Very, very angry.Because they weren't cooperating in the least on Saturday night. FULL STORY
01/14/11 Softball's best and brightest drop national ties to focus on pro league
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Imagine if Major League Baseball had access to its biggest and brightest stars only some of the time. Say you went to a White Sox game to see Paul Konerko. Well, he might be there, he might not be. Same for (hmm, let me think here) Carlos Marmol at... FULL STORY
01/14/11 Warren battles past Stevenson
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - It wasn't horror-film gory. But Friday's defensive struggle between Stevenson and Warren in Gurnee sure did get bloody. Two players, one from each team, suffered nasty gashes on their heads that would require stitches. And another, from Stevenson,... FULL STORY
01/13/11 Streak-aware Lakes gets it done
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Before stunning North Chicago last weekend, Lakes coach Chris Snyder not only worked his players in practice, he also gave them homework. He asked them to do some research on the Internet. FULL STORY
01/13/11 Lakes' Blain brothers share success
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Right down to their haircuts, Parker Blain and Tanner Blain are different. Parker, a fan of short, spiky 'dos, is the big brother, not just in age, but in size. He's thicker, so in football, he plays on the line. FULL STORY
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Displaying 841 through 850 of 1158 results
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