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02/04/11 Daniels, Vernon Hills drill Wauconda
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Young kids were asking.Old kids were asking.DaVaris Daniels was in demand on Friday. FULL STORY
02/04/11 Tight jeans and short dress upstaging the real female superstar of Super Bowl XLV
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Babcock McGraw's column FULL STORY
02/03/11 Kessel, Boyle: Their number's up
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - No wonder they were gym rats. Greg Boyle had to look no further than his dad's key ring to gain access to his high school gym at any hour of the day, any day of the week. Ditto for Kyle Kessel, nearly 20 years later. FULL STORY
02/03/11 Boys basketball / Lake County notes
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Mounds of drifting snow.Impassable roads.Frigid temperatures.The massive snowstorm that hit the Chicago area on Tuesday night couldn't have been much worse. FULL STORY
01/29/11 Warren gets well against Mundelein
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - So, maybe practice doesn't make perfect after all.The Warren boys basketball team supposedly had some really bad practices last week.Guys were hurt and sick, and the entire team seemed a bit sluggish in going through the motions. FULL STORY
01/28/11 Parity reigns in Big Ten hoops
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Gone are the days in Big Ten women's basketball when Ohio State was Ohio State. Or so it seems, anyway. FULL STORY
01/27/11 Taylor a big reason for Grayslake Central success
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - We tell our children to "Dream Big." Jordan Taylor has taken that advice quite literally. He dreams…that he is big. Big enough to dunk. FULL STORY
01/27/11 Injuries slow Wauconda again
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Some might call it bad luck.Others are wondering if the word "curse" might be more appropriate.This year, the Wauconda boys basketball team has lost its two top scorers to injury, one right after the other. FULL STORY
01/25/11 Knar, Sawvell delight as Mundelein rolls
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - In terms of points, Mundelein guard Robert Knar clearly out-did teammate Ryan Sawvell on Tuesday night. Knar scored 29 points against Lake Forest, Sawvell scored 12. But on style points, the race between the Mustangs' two thoroughbreds was much... FULL STORY
01/24/11 Inside Lake Villa's Garage-Mahal
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Some Bears fans might not be able to stomach watching the Super Bowl. The Bears are out. The Packers are in. And they're in because they beat the Bears in the NFC Championship game on Sunday. It's a nauseating triple-whammy that won't be easily... FULL STORY
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Displaying 831 through 840 of 1158 results
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