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03/10/11 Mundelein gets its wish - Warren
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - barrington sectional boys basketball preview FULL STORY
03/10/11 Mundelein's Sawvell rises to the top
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Most parents are lucky to get the first year or two of their kids' lives chronicled via scrap-booking. It's too hard to keep up. Then there's Christine Sawvell. She's such an avid scrap-booker that she breaks the years down into seasons. Sports... FULL STORY
03/09/11 Mundelein heads off Deerfield
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - It just seems right that Leavon Head wears a headband. In fact, Mundelein's senior point guard says it wouldn't be a heady move, so to speak, to be without it. FULL STORY
03/04/11 Z-B coaching combo measures up
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - NORMAL -- They have more than 1,100 wins between them.They've also combined for four state titles.And they're both Hall of Famers. FULL STORY
03/03/11 Grant's Richardson stays positive despite untold hardships
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - "Why me?""Life is so unfair."That would probably be my reaction if I suffered the same unfortunate fate as Shane Richardson. It might be yours, too.And who could blame us? Who could blame Richardson? FULL STORY
03/02/11 Schneider, Lakes show some backbone
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - You know you're having a rough day when you go to the doctor to get some back pain checked out and you're told you've got a broken back. That was Justin Schneider's reality just a few short months ago. FULL STORY
02/28/11 Chapman makes sure Stevenson plays on
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - This is when basketball season gets really tough for seniors. It's state tournament time and there's no margin for error. Lose one and you're done. Maybe forever. FULL STORY
02/23/11 Warren tops North Chicago for NSC title
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Championship T-shirts were passed out. Nets were cut down. Pictures were taken by family and friends. After closing out a 66-56 victory over North Chicago in the North Suburban Conference title game on Wednesday night, the Warren boys basketball... FULL STORY
02/21/11 Zion-Benton stops Libertyville
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - The third time wasn't the charm for Zion-Benton. Neither was the first or second. But the fourth time sure was. And that was the one that mattered most. FULL STORY
02/18/11 Michigan gymnasts get caught up in the emotions of the day
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Gymnasts are masters of hiding their true feelings. Fall off the balance beam and nearly break your back? Hop right back up without a wince, a grumble or even a bat of an eye. FULL STORY
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Displaying 811 through 820 of 1159 results
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