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03/02/11 Schneider, Lakes show some backbone
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - You know you're having a rough day when you go to the doctor to get some back pain checked out and you're told you've got a broken back. That was Justin Schneider's reality just a few short months ago. FULL STORY
02/28/11 Chapman makes sure Stevenson plays on
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - This is when basketball season gets really tough for seniors. It's state tournament time and there's no margin for error. Lose one and you're done. Maybe forever. FULL STORY
02/23/11 Warren tops North Chicago for NSC title
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Championship T-shirts were passed out. Nets were cut down. Pictures were taken by family and friends. After closing out a 66-56 victory over North Chicago in the North Suburban Conference title game on Wednesday night, the Warren boys basketball... FULL STORY
02/21/11 Zion-Benton stops Libertyville
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - The third time wasn't the charm for Zion-Benton. Neither was the first or second. But the fourth time sure was. And that was the one that mattered most. FULL STORY
02/18/11 Carmel edges St. Viator
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Dipsy, the green Teletubby from the children's TV show, made himself at home in the stands at Carmel on Friday night. It was the funniest costume seen in a student section that was filled with many strange and silly get-ups. FULL STORY
02/18/11 Michigan gymnasts get caught up in the emotions of the day
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Gymnasts are masters of hiding their true feelings. Fall off the balance beam and nearly break your back? Hop right back up without a wince, a grumble or even a bat of an eye. FULL STORY
02/17/11 Oh, brother: Another edition of Warren excellence
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - Everyone always thinks that the babies of the family have it so easy. Mom and Dad are broken in. And supposedly, they tolerate far more from their youngest children than they ever did from their oldest. FULL STORY
02/17/11 For Vernon Hills, victory tasted sweet ... and sour
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - For Vernon Hills, victory was sweet . and sour.And yummy, too. FULL STORY
02/16/11 Stevenson patches up win over Mundelein
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - At first, Anna Morrissey barely even noticed the little cut on her pinkie finger. But before long, her uniform was smeared with blood. FULL STORY
02/12/11 Stevenson steps it up, tops Lake Zurich
By Patricia Babcock McGraw - There was concern this weekend about a breakout of fever on the Stevenson boys basketball team. As in, Saturday Night Fever. FULL STORY
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Displaying 811 through 820 of 1154 results
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