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04/03/10 Get ready for a crazy year, baseball fans
By Mike Imrem - Some absolutely correct predictions for the 2010 baseball season: After six weeks in spring training a White Sox outfielder will miss the cutoff man on Opening Day and a Cubs pitcher will forget to cover first base. FULL STORY
03/31/10 Reinsdorf still making it interesting
By Mike Imrem - The baseball and basketball seasons intersect next week, but this week Jerry Reinsdorf's name is linked to hockey. FULL STORY
03/30/10 Within rules, DePaul coach has to go for it
By Mike Imrem - Institutional control might become the two most important words in DePaul's basketball future. Last week I suggested that the Blue Demons' next head coach should be Scott Drew, who was in the process of guiding Baylor into an NCAA Tournament... FULL STORY
03/29/10 Hey, maybe Big Ten isn't all that bad
By Mike Imrem - For years now, maybe decades, readers have enjoyed criticizing me for my criticism of Big Ten basketball. FULL STORY
03/27/10 Not exactly a landmark decision here
By Mike Imrem - You might have thought a parking garage was replacing the Art Institute. Or maybe Ernie Banks was declaring himself Mr. Met. Or Oprah was announcing her engagement to Springer. Or the Dan Ryan was being renamed the Meg Ryan. FULL STORY
03/24/10 Blackhawks just have to 'tough' it out
By Mike Imrem - Much of the hockey discussion around here this week centered on whether the Blackhawks are soft. Maybe this is just semantics, but the question should be whether they're tough. FULL STORY
03/23/10 That smarts: Cornell can be game changer
By Mike Imrem - Imagine if Cornell advances to the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament. The Big Red already is in the Final Sixteen, where Thursday it will meet Kentucky. "It's a winnable game," Cornell center Jeff Foote was quoted as saying. FULL STORY
03/22/10 Listen up, DePaul ... here's the plan for turning things around
By Mike Imrem - The real college basketball competition right now isn't the NCAA Tournament. It's the race to fill coaching vacancies at places like Iowa and Oregon, which surely are scouting the postseason events for candidates. FULL STORY
03/20/10 Not-so-sweet Tweets a minor inconvenience for Sox
By Mike Imrem - Look at White Sox general manager Kenny Williams and you'll see a bit of America's Sweetheart. No, really, squint a little and you will. FULL STORY
03/17/10 Still bigger than golf, and that's not good
By Mike Imrem - When last seen playing competitive golf, Tiger Woods was bigger than the game. When he's seen next month at the Masters he'll be even bigger. Not necessarily for the better. FULL STORY
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Displaying 771 through 780 of 824 results
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