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10/16/10 Let there be peace on ice, but come on
By Mike Imrem - The prophets were correct, much to my dismay.While I was expecting and hoping that the Blackhawks-Sabres game Saturday night would turn into a seven-alarm brawl, hockey aficionados predicted peace on earth. FULL STORY
10/12/10 Cutler still playing to mixed reviews
By Mike Imrem - While waiting for Jay Cutler to return from a concussion I started wondering what exactly it was I'm waiting for. Somebody who's merely preferable to Todd Collins and Caleb Hanie? Or a legitimate play-making, game-breaking, NFL... FULL STORY
10/11/10 Managerial roulette no easy game to play
By Mike Imrem - The more managerial jobs that open in baseball, the more musings there will be about them.Mine today center on Joe Girardi to the Cubs and Tony La Russa to the Yankees. Yes, the Yankees, even though someone close to La Russa shot me down this summer... FULL STORY
10/10/10 Are Bears worst 4-1 team? Who really knows?
By Mike Imrem - The characterization is sure to ring in the Bears' ears this week."Worst 4-1 team in football.That would include teams from the Ivy League and Lingerie Football League. FULL STORY
10/09/10 Hawks fans must not settle for less than Cup
By Mike Imrem - Don't settle for less than another championship, Blackhawks fans. The Hawks raised the 2010 championship banner to the United Center rafters Saturday night. The ceremony was thrilling. Nobody does celebrations better than Stanley Cup winners. Nobody... FULL STORY
10/05/10 Bears' plan goofy, but it's a plan
By Mike Imrem - One thing we know for sure about the Bears: Management doesn't mind looking goofy. They simply wipe the blush off their faces, start over and risk making the next gaffe. FULL STORY
10/05/10 Concussions create flurry of questions
By Mike Imrem - NFL researchers are working hard to find answers to concussion questions. FULL STORY
10/04/10 Time's up for Cutler, Bears QBs
By Mike Imrem - It was only a matter of time, and Jay Cutler's time was up Sunday night. The Bears' quarterback couldn't make it out of the locker room for the second half at New Meadowlands Stadium. FULL STORY
10/03/10 Cubs in awkward position
By Mike Imrem - As baseball's regular season ends today, Cubs management must be relieved that interim manager Mike Quade gives them an increasingly popular alternative to Ryne Sandberg. FULL STORY
09/29/10 Locker rooms off limits? No, not really
By Mike Imrem - "60 Minutes" struck a nerve with me the other night, what with the New York Jets' incident with a female reporter still fresh in my mind. FULL STORY
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Displaying 671 through 680 of 824 results
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