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11/23/10 Urlacher's legacy hangs in the balance
By Mike Imrem - The perception is that the jobs of Lovie Smith, Jerry Angelo and Ted Phillips are at stake during the rest of this Bears' season. Yet a case could be made that the next couple of months next couple of years actually are more important to... FULL STORY
11/22/10 Letting the dogs have their say on Vick
By Mike Imrem - The Onion spoofpaper commenced this Michael Vick Week last week. Headline "Report: Michael Vick Getting Confident Enough To Do Something Terrible Again." FULL STORY
11/21/10 Boy-oh-Boise St. vs. NU would pack 'em in
By Mike Imrem - Now for Northwestern's next trick to attract Chicago's attention … how about scheduling Boise State? The local sports scene already is crowded, but Wildcats football could be a real asset: Good team, fun game-day atmosphere and... FULL STORY
11/20/10 Memorable day at Wrigley Field
By Mike Imrem - This sure seemed like as much fun as you can have with your school colors on. Illinois beat Northwestern 48-27 on Saturday, but Wildcat fans likely had a good time anyway.The intimacy of the venue, the throwback texture of the conditions, the... FULL STORY
11/18/10 7-3, huh? OK, now beat the Eagles and we'll talk
By Mike Imrem - A good guess is the public still is looking for a "Wow!" game from the Bears. You know, that victory where the Bears convince the world that they belong among the NFL elite. The Bears are getting closer but haven't played that game yet... FULL STORY
11/16/10 Really no place for Ricketts family to go
By Mike Imrem - As Tom Ricketts tries to figure out what to do with Wrigley Field, a good question is why his family bought the Cubs in the first place. Naiveté comes to mind. My sense all along was that sports-savvy men such as Mark Cuban and Jerry Colangelo... FULL STORY
11/15/10 Sports and politics? Time to just say no
By Mike Imrem - My initial inclination is to vote "No!" on Tom Ricketts' proposal to renovate Wrigley Field. But that's just me and I don't have a vote. Regardless, I assume a deal will be struck because enough swells will benefit... FULL STORY
11/14/10 En-Tice-ing Bears to get tough
By Mike Imrem - Give Mike Tice the game ball or maybe all the game balls. Not because he used to be Minnesota's head coach and the Bears beat the Vikings 27-13 on Sunday afternoon. "We knew how much it meant to him and we wanted to go out and perform... FULL STORY
11/07/10 How many must-wins can Bears survive?
By Mike Imrem - The Bears played Sunday like they were living a line by Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist William Kennedy. Here is the cleansed version: "Kissing your wife is like striking out the pitcher." What does that have to do with the Bears? Well,... FULL STORY
11/02/10 Here's a vote for Moss to Bears
By Mike Imrem - Election Day took an odd twist when I stepped into the voting booth Tuesday. Pat Quinn, Bill Brady … or Randy Moss. Mark Kirk, Alexi Giannoulias … or Randy Moss. So on, so forth … or Randy Moss. Like a lot of people, I can't... FULL STORY
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Displaying 651 through 660 of 824 results
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