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12/13/10 Warm up to this: Let's go 'in' to play
By Mike Imrem - The time is right to renew my assertion that the Bears should play indoors. You know, put a roof over Soldier Field, or move games inside Woodfield Mall, or relocate them to San Diego after the Chargers escape to Los Angeles. FULL STORY
12/12/10 What to be learned from this? Let's see
By Mike Imrem - One city, one team, one sorry, smelly, snowy Sunday in Soldier Field for the Bears. "Just one game," safety Chris Harris said. Yes. Yes, it was. Checking the records, the Bears started the day 9-3 and ended it 9-4. Yet sometimes... FULL STORY
12/07/10 Why the mystery on NHL injuries?
By Mike Imrem - Oh, so that's what Patrick Kane's injury is. "We're going to leave it as a lower body," Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville told reporters Tuesday. Welcome to the NHL, where not even WikiLeaks can uncover precisely what... FULL STORY
12/06/10 Dandy Don, like Ron, always remembered to keep things fun
By Mike Imrem - Call it an unfortunate coincidence: Don Meredith died three days after Ron Santo did. These were two outstanding athletes who went on to distinguished broadcasting careers. Their dissimilar styles were similar in at least one way: They made me laugh. FULL STORY
12/05/10 For Bears, it's simple: Just win, baby
By Mike Imrem - Like most people, the Bears were thrilled to escape Detroit without being mugged Sunday. As the Ford Field clock wound down, there were hugs all around as Lovie Smith hugged Mike Martz and Martz hugged Brian Urlacher and Rod Marinelli hugged Smith. FULL STORY
12/04/10 Could it be Reinsdorf's impatience talking?
By Mike Imrem - As they say, getting older isn't for sissies or meek owners of pro sports teams.One day you flirt with immortality. The next day you look in the mirror and mortality smirks back at you. In that context, one explanation for the White Sox giving... FULL STORY
12/03/10 Santo not just a winner -- he's a champion in life
By Mike Imrem - "Oh no!." That probably was Ron Santo's most famous call as a Cubs' radio broadcaster when Brant Brown dramatically dropped a fly ball in 1998. It likely also was the reaction Friday morning of Chicago sports fans to news that Santo... FULL STORY
11/30/10 Rose, Boozer looks to be a good match for Bulls
By Mike Imrem - Tom Thibodeau isn't worried about Carlos Boozer blending with Derrick Rose. "They're concerned with winning, not with individual things," the Bulls' head coach said Tuesday at the Berto Center. FULL STORY
11/29/10 Bears' Kreutz a true throwback
By Mike Imrem - Football is full of tough guys, but tougher guys still are at a premium in this nasty sport. Hello, Olin Kreutz. The best thing to say about any current Bears player is he fits into the roughhouse legend of this franchise. FULL STORY
11/28/10 No ifs ands or buts -- Bears are flat-out good
By Mike Imrem - Graduation Day … Validation Day … Glorification Day … FULL STORY
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Displaying 641 through 650 of 824 results
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