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01/02/11 Now we'll see just how good Bears are
By Mike Imrem - Folks, your guess about the Bears is as good as mine. The only thing for sure is that Lovie Smith meant what he said last week. As promised, the Bears' head coach used his starters throughout Sunday's 10-3 loss that meant little to them and... FULL STORY
01/01/11 It's real simple: Players play!
By Mike Imrem - Ah, yes, the age-old debate over whether to play players or not play players. By age-old I mean as old as since this current generation of wimps took control of sports. One sentiment around here all week was, "Oh, no, the Bears have to play in... FULL STORY
12/28/10 Artest's priceless gesture
By Mike Imrem - We interrupt our regularly scheduled glorification of the trivial in sports to salute the significant. Congratulations, Ron Artest. In a year of other athletes being involved in scandal, the former Bulls' problem child became a reminder that... FULL STORY
12/27/10 A healthy dose of luck for Bears
By Mike Imrem - Face it, folks, the Bears have been lucky. Oh, stop snickering at that assertion. Not even the players, coaches or management would deny their good fortune. Not in this particular context, anyway. FULL STORY
12/26/10 No reason to pick Cutler apart
By Mike Imrem - An odd calm circulated through my body on Sunday. Jay Cutler threw an interception. Jets defensive back Dwight Lowery ran it back 20 yards for a touchdown. Groans circulated through Soldier Field. Yet my response was more of a, well, a nothing. FULL STORY
12/21/10 Clinching North title with style
By Mike Imrem - Monday night, bizarre was the primary word that came to mind for the NFL game played in a Big Ten stadium that was unprepared for December football. FULL STORY
12/14/10 Big Ten could use my help
By Mike Imrem - So, Legends and Losers it is … oh, sorry, make that Legends and Leaders. Those are the division names in the Big Ten's new football alignment. Maybe Losers blurted out of my computer because the conference is being panned for concocting... FULL STORY
12/13/10 Warm up to this: Let's go 'in' to play
By Mike Imrem - The time is right to renew my assertion that the Bears should play indoors. You know, put a roof over Soldier Field, or move games inside Woodfield Mall, or relocate them to San Diego after the Chargers escape to Los Angeles. FULL STORY
12/12/10 What to be learned from this? Let's see
By Mike Imrem - One city, one team, one sorry, smelly, snowy Sunday in Soldier Field for the Bears. "Just one game," safety Chris Harris said. Yes. Yes, it was. Checking the records, the Bears started the day 9-3 and ended it 9-4. Yet sometimes... FULL STORY
12/07/10 Why the mystery on NHL injuries?
By Mike Imrem - Oh, so that's what Patrick Kane's injury is. "We're going to leave it as a lower body," Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville told reporters Tuesday. Welcome to the NHL, where not even WikiLeaks can uncover precisely what... FULL STORY
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Displaying 631 through 640 of 821 results
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