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04/03/11 Similarities abound between Quade, Thibodeau
By Mike Imrem - Mike Quade is similar to Tom Thibodeau in so many ways -- especially in their professional backgrounds -- maybe there's hope that the Cubs can have success similar to what the Bulls have experienced this season. FULL STORY
04/02/11 My goodness, Zambrano always makes it interesting
By Mike Imrem - Sorry, all you Carlos Zambrano bashers, but I still can't get enough of the guy. The Cubs' burly right-handed pitcher is one of my favorites because he's so, well, so Cubbish. FULL STORY
04/01/11 Sox need Buehrle to be all he can be
By Mike Imrem - The White Sox' pursuit of the 2011 pennant would be helped considerably if Mark Buehrle has one more great year in him instead of the recent medicore ones he has had. FULL STORY
03/31/11 Hey, anything can happen during marathon baseball season
By Mike Imrem - Another season, another look into the crystal (base)ball for predictions fit for April Fool's Day openers. For starters, Jay Cutler will tweet that Jake Peavy should man up and get back onto the field. FULL STORY
03/29/11 Can Bulls' Rose make it to finish line?
By Mike Imrem - Bulls' coach Tom Thibodeau is riding his thoroughbred and riding him hard, but he has no choice. He needs Derrick Rose to do everything for this team if it is to get to where it intends to go. FULL STORY
03/28/11 Silva release just another Cubs diversion
By Mike Imrem - The Cubs are being applauded for releasing Carlos Silva. However, the move is just another example of the this franchise being a champion of diversion. The fact remains that it hasn't won a World Series since 1908 or even played in one since 1945. FULL STORY
03/27/11 Good time for a little wishful Illini thinking
By Mike Imrem - What an impressive young coach this Shaka Smart of Virginia Commonwealth is. Wouldn't it be nice if he were ... oh, it does no good to wish against hope, does it? But, yes, it would be nice. FULL STORY
03/26/11 Ducks toe one mighty fine line
By Mike Imrem - The Blackhawks lost to a line with no name Saturday night in the United Center. FULL STORY
03/22/11 A vote for anything that increases players' safety
By Mike Imrem - No representative of any NFL team, including the Bears, should have opposed the new kickoff rule that at least is intended to promote safety in this otherwise increasingly violent game. FULL STORY
03/21/11 Health will always be an issue for Peavy
By Mike Imrem - Repeatedly unhealthy White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy has reached the point where his availability will have to be considered pitch-to-pitch the rest of his career, sort of the way Cubs' pitcher Kerry Wood has been the past decade. FULL STORY
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Displaying 621 through 630 of 866 results
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