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02/05/11 Amazing journey for Dent
By Mike Imrem - The Colonel was promoted to top rank Saturday and this likely is it for the 1985 Bears that won Super Bowl XX. Walter Payton was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame first. On Saturday, Richard Dent filled out the foursome. FULL STORY
02/01/11 Will Cutler ever be where Rodgers is?
By Mike Imrem - Quarterbacks Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers are similar in so many ways. FULL STORY
01/31/11 Football mind-set remains so simplistic
By Mike Imrem - A week after the week before, let's hold our noses and explore what we learned from the knee-dling of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. FULL STORY
01/31/11 Even at 80, there's still nobody like Ernie Banks
By Mike Imrem - Ernie Banks, forever young in the hearts and minds of longtime Cubs fans, turned 80 years old Monday. Normally this would be depressing. Like, when Wayne Gretzky, another Great One, turned 50 recently and mortality merged with reality FULL STORY
01/30/11 One baseball's claim to fame lives on
By Mike Imrem - While sitting around the house Saturday, feeling all silly, a note crashed through a window like an errant screwball. FULL STORY
01/25/11 Looks like Lovie for life as Bears coach
By Mike Imrem - Lovie Smith recently issued a promise, threat or simple statement of fact. "I love being here," he said at Halas Hall, "and plan on being here a long time." Yikes! Lovie Smith: Bears head coach for life!His life, my life and your life! FULL STORY
01/24/11 Still many questions for Bears going forward
By Mike Imrem - Eventually the Jay Cutler issue will go away and a wider issue will surface. How good, bad or mediocre was this Bears season and how good, bad or mediocre does the future look? FULL STORY
01/23/11 Nothing valid behind shots at Cutler
By Mike Imrem - :It's a little uncomfortable standing up for Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, but somebody has to. But Cutler took a couple of bad raps Sunday first in the game and then from critics. FULL STORY
01/22/11 This one time, this Bears game is personal
By Mike Imrem - Thanks, gentlemen, for the opportunity to address you before today's NFC championship game against the rival Green Bay Packers. Trust me, this is the highest honor for someone who grew up in Chicago as a big Bears fan and who later became a harsh... FULL STORY
01/18/11 Blocking, not singing, will beat Packers
By Mike Imrem - Lee DeWyze was led to believe he would sing the national anthem at the Bears-Packers game Sunday. Supposedly FOX wanted to use "American Idol" winner DeWyze for promotional purposes. FULL STORY
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Displaying 611 through 620 of 820 results
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