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02/25/14 What's next for baseball? Aprons as chest protectors?
By Mike Imrem - Another element of sports manhood is being tampered with as baseball experiments with further regulating home-plate collisions. What's next, putting aprons on catchers instead of chest protectors? FULL STORY
02/23/14 Collins joining Nets won't take focus off of Sam
By Mike Imrem - The Brooklyn Nets signed Jason Collins to a 10-day contract, making him the first openly gay man in one of North America's four major team sports. However, that won't take the focus off of Michael Sam in the NFL. FULL STORY
02/19/14 Special teams could be Sam's ticket into NFL
By Mike Imrem - Michael Sam, better known as Openly Gay Michael Sam, is considered the headliner at this week's NFL Scouting Combine. Is there any reason he shouldn't come out looking good enough to play special teams in the league? FULL STORY
02/18/14 Offering a solution to NHL-Olympics dilemma
By Mike Imrem - Here's a solution to the NHL's Olympics dilemma: Drop out of the Winter Games and create a similar international event to be played in North America ... yes, still in the middle of the league's regular season. FULL STORY
02/17/14 Maybe we have this bullying thing backward
By Mike Imrem - The widespread concern is that bullying in the NFL will trickle down to the grade school, high school and college levels. Maybe the concern should be that bullying is trickling up from childhood to adulthood. FULL STORY
02/16/14 Cubs' payroll is just bad math
By Mike Imrem - The Cubs are dialing up a wrong number for their 2014 payroll at somewhere around $80 million. Too low? No, too high. Google "2014 Cubs payroll" and the computer screen can be heard giggling at the estimates: Mostly between $85 million... FULL STORY
02/12/14 While Bears like Cutler's game, Angelo not so much
By Mike Imrem - Jerry Angelo and Jay Cutler aren't the most popular figures in Chicago sports history. Angelo is viewed as a failed former Bears general manager and Cutler as the disappointing current Bears quarterback. So fans might have trouble picking... FULL STORY
02/11/14 Sochi many questions without answers
By Mike Imrem - Mike Imrem has an overload of questions without answers about the Sochi Winter Olympics. FULL STORY
02/10/14 Give Cubs a gold medal for Pride Parade decision
By Mike Imrem - Some issues at the Winter Olympics are bigger than the medal count. As indicated by the Cubs, of all people, the United States didn't have to go all the way to Russia to come out on top in one of the most important. FULL STORY
02/10/14 Bears could make history with this draft pick
By Mike Imrem - Let it be the Bears. Why not? Why shouldn't Michael Sam play here? Why shouldn't we have a front-row seat for this social study? Sam is poised to become the first openly gay man to play in one of the United States' four major... FULL STORY
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Displaying 31 through 40 of 820 results
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