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03/17/14 A billion reasons to get excited for the tournament
By Mike Imrem - You know that contest worth $1 billion for a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket? Don't bother entering. The odds are astronomical against you because I'm a shoo-in to win it. FULL STORY
03/12/14 Roaring start ... but can Houston help Bears slaughter competition?
By Mike Imrem - Everyone associated with the Bears was excited about this week's flurry of free-agent signings. The question is whether the new players will help win a championship or simply be bodies to fill out the roster. FULL STORY
03/12/14 An Act III for Phil Jackson? Good for him
By Mike Imrem - Retirement must get as old as a retiree, which explains why Phil Jackson would even consider returning to the NBA to work for goofball Knicks' owner James Dolan. Jackson must not be content writing books, having a relatively younger woman like... FULL STORY
03/10/14 Applauding Mendenhall's wise decision
By Mike Imrem - Rashard Mendenhall's retirement from the NFL at age 26 over concern for his overall health should indicate to people that the University of Illinois educates common sense into its students. "It's disturbing that people are questioning my... FULL STORY
03/09/14 Noah provides just the right imbalance for Bulls
By Mike Imrem - As a conglomerate of Bulls' players from the past, Joakim Noah imbalances the court in favor of his team. He did it again Sunday to help the Bulls beat the Miami Heat. FULL STORY
03/06/14 No good reason to keep Sosa away
By Mike Imrem - Tom Ricketts was asked on the radio what he called "a really good question." The really good answer would have been that he'll invite Sammy Sosa back into the Cubs' family. FULL STORY
03/04/14 Baez should start season with big club
By Mike Imrem - Cubs' prospect Javier Baez hit a home run in the Cactus League on Monday. Surely the fan clamor for him to start the season in the major leagues instead of the minors will heat up again. FULL STORY
03/04/14 Maybe White Sox just showing Dunn their support
By Mike Imrem - Making fun of Adam Dunn's failings shouldn't be fun for White Sox fans anymore. Hearing that teammates laughed with him instead of at him when he returned from the Oscars was encouraging for the 2014 season. FULL STORY
03/03/14 School's in session for Bulls' Fredette
By Mike Imrem - The Bulls provided Jimmer Fredette with more of an education in professionalism during his first game here than many NBA players receive in their entire basketball careers. FULL STORY
02/26/14 No matter the source, it's just offensive
By Mike Imrem - The N-word is an issue being debated among black people but that doesn't mean an older white guy is disqualified from having feelings on the subject. FULL STORY
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Displaying 21 through 30 of 821 results
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