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02/07/11 Dam removal will improve fish habitat
By Mick Zawislak - A cutting torch and sledgehammer were among the tools of choice Monday as work continued to remove a sheet metal dam pounded into the bottom of the Des Plaines River more than 70 years ago. FULL STORY
02/06/11 Libertyville consignment store is booming
By Mick Zawislak - The timing in the midst of a recession was curious to most observers, but two Libertyville women have seen their startup business far exceed expectations. FULL STORY
02/04/11 Lake Zurich keeps special service area
By Mick Zawislak - A special taxing area created more than a decade ago to care for a wetland area in Lake Zurich will remain in place, although the cost is expected to be spread more equitably. FULL STORY
02/03/11 Be wary of post-storm risks
By Mick Zawislak - The snow-blown landscape can present a pretty image but drifting on roofs is one of the potential concerns for homeowners in the aftermath of the Blizzard of 2011. While there is no magic formula to determine how much is too much snow on your roof,... FULL STORY
02/02/11 Stranded motorists rescued in Lake County
By Mick Zawislak - Like everywhere else, it was all hands on deck in Libertyville to battle the elements Tuesday night and Wednesday morning FULL STORY
02/02/11 Woodstock woman shocked by drift's size
By Mick Zawislak - Dianne Munguia wasn't prepared Wednesday for the head-high drift when she opened the garage door at her Woodstock home. Temporarily limited to the use of one arm because of a recent surgery, Munguia can only chip away bit by bit. FULL STORY
02/02/11 All-nighter in Vernon Hills
By Mick Zawislak - In Vernon Hills, Public Works Director David Brown never left his office. "I've been working straight for 26 hours. The key for us is making sure all roads are passible, which we've been successful." Aside from a trouble spot on Fairway Drive near... FULL STORY
02/01/11 Lunch takers up in Libertyville District 70
By Mick Zawislak - More students are ordering a healthier lunch option introduced this year in Libertyville District 70 elementary schools. FULL STORY
02/01/11 Snowmobile patrol in Round Lake Park
By Bob Susnjara - Two snowmobiles previously used by the Navy in the Arctic Circle will be ready for emergency situation that develop in the Round Lake area over the next couple of days. Round Lake Park police own the vehicles. One will be on loan to the Greater... FULL STORY
01/30/11 Odor complaints from Countryside landfill in Grayslake dip
By Mick Zawislak - A hefty investment at the Countryside landfill in Grayslake apparently is paying off as the number of complaints regarding a rotten egg odor has dropped. Health and environmental authorities will continue to monitor the air at the perimeter of the... FULL STORY
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Displaying 931 through 940 of 1268 results
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