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04/27/12 Poll Vault: If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?
By Michelle Holdway - If you could have dinner with anyone (living or deceased), whom would you invite and what would you talk about? A long-gone historical figure? A current political leader? A celeb? And what would you eat? FULL STORY
04/20/12 Poll Vault: How many years have you been at your job?
By Michelle Holdway - If you've been at your current job more than 4.4 years, you're ahead of the national average. So how long has it been? FULL STORY
04/13/12 Poll Vault: Was your mother a stay-at-home mom?
By Michelle Holdway - Women's issues have been front and center in this presidential campaign. First was the birth control firestorm, and now comes a debate on whether stay-at-home moms are "working" moms. FULL STORY
04/06/12 Poll Vault: Do you hire a professional to prepare your tax return?
By Michelle Holdway - As of 6 a.m., you have 10 full days and 18 hours to file your federal and state tax returns. Are you done? Do you prepare your own tax return or use a professional? Will you receive a nice refund or have to write a check to Uncle Sam? FULL STORY
03/30/12 Poll Vault: What's your favorite theme park?
By Michelle Holdway - Did you spend your spring break at Universal, Sea World or the Disney parks? Do you prefer attractions based on characters or on rides? Whats your favorite theme park, and which are you eager to visit for the first time? FULL STORY
03/23/12 Poll Vault: How many mpg does your vehicle get?
By Michelle Holdway - What does it cost you to fill up your car these days? Michelle Holdway drives a Saturn Ion; the little car still requires a $60 fill-up. Her husband's CR-V requires a $70 fill-up. But a deputy managing editor here has a Toyota Prius with an MPG in... FULL STORY
03/16/12 Poll Vault: Have you filled out a bracket for the NCAA men's tourney?
By Michelle Holdway - One NCAA men's basktball team is going to hoist a big trophy April 2. The question is, do think you picked the eventual winner in your bracket? FULL STORY
03/09/12 Poll Vault: Which major league ballparks have you visited?
By Michelle Holdway - Michelle Holdway is on a quest to visit every Major League Baseball ballpark. What's your favorite? Or least favorite? What has the best and worst food? FULL STORY
03/02/12 Poll Vault: What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?
By Michelle Holdway - The Girl Scouts of America website has an online poll to vote for your favorite variety of cookie. You might be surprised to learn that Thin Mints aren't No. 1. Which is your favorite? FULL STORY
02/24/12 Poll Vault: What would you say to a graduating class?
By Michelle Holdway - Cokie Roberts will speak at the U of I commencement ceremonies in May, but imagine you were invited to the podium. What sage advice would you impart to graduates? FULL STORY
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Displaying 81 through 90 of 109 results
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