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09/07/12 Poll Vault: How many games will the Bears win?
By Michelle Holdway - Will Sunday's game against Indy be the start of a 16-0 regular season for the Bears? OK, seriously, how many games do you think the Bears will win this year? Is 11 or 12 a reasonable guess? FULL STORY
08/31/12 Poll Vault: Which Chicago player's jersey would you buy?
By Michelle Holdway - You might not have the skills of a professional athlete. But you can look like one (well, sort of) in a replica jersey. Which Chicago sports figure's would you buy? FULL STORY
08/24/12 Poll Vault: What was in - and on - your school lunchbox?
By Michelle Holdway - Poll Vault's going back to school, and back in time. Walk with us down Memory Lane and into your school cafeteria. FULL STORY
08/17/12 Poll Vault: How often do you work out?
By Michelle Holdway - The American Heart Association suggests at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week, of moderate exercise. Do you get that much? How often and where do you work out? FULL STORY
08/10/12 Poll Vault: Who is your favorite comic book superhero?
By Michelle Holdway - Wham! Thwack! Bffft! The Wizard World Chicago Comic Con is under way in Rosemont. Who's your favorite superhero? FULL STORY
08/03/12 Poll Vault: If a presidential candidate, what'd be your big issue?
By Michelle Holdway - Suppose you're the Democratic or Republican nominee for president. What's your platform? Why should we vote for you? FULL STORY
07/27/12 Poll Vault: What's your favorite moment in U.S. Olympic history?
By Michelle Holdway - Greg Louganis hitting his head, then still winning gold. The Dream Team destroying the world in 1992. Kerri Strug doing that vault dismount on the injured ankle. What's your favorite American Olympic moment? FULL STORY
07/13/12 Poll Vault: What's a childhood possession you wish you still had?
By Michelle Holdway - In Ohio, a recently discovered baseball card collection sat untouched in an attic for decades. Do you have a cache of childhood treasures stored away? What do you wish you had back? FULL STORY
07/06/12 Poll Vault: Is this heat wave a result of global warming?
By Michelle Holdway - There's no debating that it's hot. Blistering hot. But what's the reason? Is it global warming or just a freak extreme? "This is certainly what I and many other climate scientists have been warning about," said Jonathan Overpeck,... FULL STORY
06/29/12 Poll Vault: Which suburban park district has the best pool?
By Michelle Holdway - Doesn't going to the pool sound refreshing this week? Do you like water parks like in Elk Grove Village or Schaumburg? Or do you prefer the "beaches" in Naperville and Batavia? FULL STORY
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Displaying 61 through 70 of 109 results
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