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11/23/12 Poll Vault: How early have you gone shopping on Black Friday?
By Michelle Holdway - Across the suburbs this morning, your friends and neighbors will be queuing up in front of stores in search of great early-bird deals. The question is, will you be among them? FULL STORY
11/09/12 Poll Vault: Who in your family is a military veteran?
By Michelle Holdway - As we salute our veterans this week, will you be saluting any in your own family? Did someone close to you serve in a war? FULL STORY
11/02/12 Poll Vault: Have you ever been in a natural disaster?
By Michelle Holdway - Have you ever been in a hurricane or another natural disaster, such as a tornado, a flood or an earthquake? Let's hear your experiences. FULL STORY
10/26/12 Poll Vault: Will you vote early?
By Michelle Holdway - Thousands have taken advantage of early voting. What about you? Do you want to avoid the Election Day rush and get it out of the way? FULL STORY
10/18/12 Poll Vault: Favorite and least favorite Halloween candy?
By Michelle Holdway - If you're lucky, your little goblin will share his Halloween loot with you and not hold back the good stuff. What's your favorite Halloween candy? And what do you hate to see in the treat bag? FULL STORY
10/12/12 Poll Vault: Do you think any pro athletes are clean?
By Michelle Holdway - Lance Armstrong is so busted. But he's not the only one. Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon were caught by Major League Baseball this year. Do you think most athletes are cheating? FULL STORY
10/05/12 Poll Vault: Who is your favorite "Sesame Street" character?
By Michelle Holdway - After Wednesday night's presidential debate put PBS in the political crosshairs, a hard-hitting follow-up question must be asked: Who's your favorite character on "Sesame Street"? FULL STORY
09/28/12 Poll Vault: What's your favorite suburban golf course?
By Michelle Holdway - In the spirit of this week's Ryder Cup, this one's "fore" you golfers. Where do you love to tee off in the suburbs? FULL STORY
09/21/12 Poll Vault: Do your political views mirror your family's?
By Michelle Holdway - Does your family talk politics at the dinner table? Or would it just turn into "Hardball with Chris Matthews"? Do you and your spouse share the same political views, or is now a real bad time for you two? FULL STORY
09/14/12 Poll Vault: How old were you the first time you traveled by plane?
By Michelle Holdway - A recent poll of British travelers revealed more than a third of them would pay extra for a flight that banned children. FULL STORY
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