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04/19/13 Poll Vault: How are you spending your tax refund?
By Michelle Holdway - Are you receiving or have you received an income tax refund this year? More than last year? What are you spending it on? FULL STORY
04/05/13 Poll Vault: Do you remember your first pro baseball game?
By Michelle Holdway - When was the first time someone took you out to the ballgame? Share some of your memories about America's pastime. FULL STORY
03/29/13 Poll Vault: Who will win more games - Cubs or Sox?
By Michelle Holdway - The Cubs' 2013 season will begin Monday afternoon in Pittsburgh. The Sox will open at home later that day against Kansas City. What are your predictions for the year? Which team will win more games? Can the Cubs finish better than fifth? FULL STORY
03/21/13 Poll Vault: Who's in your Final Four?
By Michelle Holdway - Your bracket might be semi-busted already, with No. 14 seed Harvard upsetting No. 3 New Mexico and a pair of No. 5 seeds out as well. Do you have the No. 1 seeds in your Final Four? How does your bracket look? FULL STORY
03/15/13 Poll Vault: When did you get your first mobile phone?
By Michelle Holdway - If you were one of the people who got their first cellphone in the 1970s, it might have been Motorola's "brick." When did you get your first one? When did you switch to a cellphone, if you ever did? FULL STORY
03/08/13 Poll Vault: What do you take for a cold?
By Michelle Holdway - Is there an over-the-counter product you swear by to get you through the coughs, sniffles and sneezes? What DOESN'T work for you? FULL STORY
03/01/13 Poll Vault: What changes would you like the next pope to make?
By Michelle Holdway - Benedict XVI's retirement sets the stage for a new pontiff who could dramatically alter the face of Catholicism. Or not. What are your hopes for the next pope? Would you prefer someone younger or perhaps someone from a non-European country? Do you... FULL STORY
02/22/13 Poll Vault: What TV shows are you hooked on?
By Michelle Holdway - Michelle Holdway just discovered "Downton Abbey" and went on a weekend marathon watching Season 1 on demand. What TV series, new or old, have you just gotten hooked on? FULL STORY
02/08/13 Poll Vault: Would you stand by a jailed spouse?
By Michelle Holdway - Of the three Schaumburg cops recently arrested, one's wife is standing by him and another has already filed for divorce. What would you do if your spouse were arrested? FULL STORY
02/01/13 Poll Vault: How bad is your commute?
By Michelle Holdway - When it snows you might be tempted to take mass transit to work instead of your car. Then again, with the cost of a 10-ride Metra pass going up today, you might be tempted to trade the train for the tollway. How do you get to work, and how long does... FULL STORY
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Displaying 31 through 40 of 109 results
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