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06/28/13 Poll Vault: Have you bought any Blackhawks Stanley Cup souvenirs yet?
Michelle Holdway - Blackhawks Stanley Cup gear is all the rage. What items have you purchased as a souvenir from a championship season? FULL STORY
06/21/13 Poll Vault: Are you registered as an organ or tissue donor?
By Michelle Holdway - Are you on the national bone marrow registry? Have you signed the back of your driver's license to signify you're an organ donor? Do you give blood? Have you or anyone in your family benefitted from an anonymous donor? FULL STORY
06/14/13 Poll Vault: Best gift you've given or received for Father's Day?
By Michelle Holdway - Do you have a traditional gift for your dad? What has he liked the best? If you are a dad, what's been you favorite gift? Are you a sentimental type who saves the handmade cards? Or are you a strong, silent type who tells the kids not to make a fuss? FULL STORY
06/07/13 Poll Vault: Worst grade you received on a report card?
By Michelle Holdway - As Elgin Area School District U-46 plans to change its grading policy so the worst a student can get is a 50 out of 100, Michelle Holdway asks, what's the worst grade you ever got? FULL STORY
05/31/13 Poll Vault: How would you do in a spelling bee?
By Michelle Holdway - Have you ever won a spelling bee? Could you compete with the entrants in this year's National Spelling Bee, fielding words like "tokonoma," "haupia" and ptyalagogue"? FULL STORY
05/24/13 Poll Vault: What's the best suburban festival?
By Michelle Holdway - What's your favorite suburban fest? Do you have a summer tradition of attending, for example, Eyes to the Skies in Lisle or Frontier Days in Arlington Heights? What's the biggest draw for you: the food, the parades, the music or the rides? FULL STORY
05/17/13 Poll Vault: Have you ever served on a jury?
By Michelle Holdway - Have you ever been on a jury in a criminal case? How long did you deliberate, and what was the outcome? How about in a civil trial? FULL STORY
05/10/13 Poll Vault: What's the best ride at Great America?
By Michelle Holdway - What do you like best at Great America? Do you favor the vintage American Eagle or the more high-tech, enclosed Dark Night? Or are you more of a water ride kind of person? FULL STORY
05/03/13 Poll Vault: Best teacher you ever had?
By Michelle Holdway - As Golden Apple Awards were announced this week, consider the people who educated you from kindergarten to college. Who was the best teacher? What attributes made him or her stand out? FULL STORY
04/26/13 Poll Vault: Where did you get your pets?
By Michelle Holdway - Is getting a pet from a pet store and not a shelter just wrong in your mind? Or do you think it's OK because unsold pets at shops will go to the shelter anyway, or worse? Where did you get your pets? FULL STORY
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Displaying 21 through 30 of 109 results
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