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09/13/13 Poll Vault: Are we alone in the universe?
By Michelle Holdway - So far, Voyager 1 hasn't encountered life in outerspace. Could that change now that the spacecraft has traveled beyond our solar system? Will we meet aliens in our lifetime? FULL STORY
09/06/13 Poll Vault: Which high school team do you root for?
By Michelle Holdway - Have you been true to your school, like the Beach Boys urge? The fall season is under way for prep sports. Are you cheering on your alma mater? Do you follow the scores in the paper or online? FULL STORY
08/30/13 Poll Vault: How many holidays do you get at work?
By Michelle Holdway - The federal government observes 10 holidays a year, including Labor Day. But not all workplaces are the same. Do you have to work this Labor Day? What holidays do you get off? FULL STORY
08/23/13 Poll Vault: What do you remember about the first day of school?
By Michelle Holdway - Schools across the suburbs are celebrating the return of students. Was there much of carnival atmosphere back in your day? FULL STORY
08/16/13 Poll Vault: When should kids have their own phones?
By Michelle Holdway - When is the best time to bestow an iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4? Should younger kids have phones that are only, well, phones - with no cameras or Internet access? FULL STORY
08/08/13 Poll Vault: Last time you went to the emergency room?
By Michelle Holdway - No one likes to go to the emergency room, but 1 in 5 of you will visit one this year. FULL STORY
08/02/13 Poll Vault: What's on your back-to-school shopping list?
By Michelle Holdway - How much do you anticipate spending to send your children back to school? What items have your kids' teachers requested? Do you recycle supplies from year to year? FULL STORY
07/26/13 Poll Vault: What's the biggest home improvement project you've tackled?
By Michelle Holdway - In home-store commercials, couples everywhere are working together on their home projects happily. Not Michelle Holdway and her husband. What's the biggest home improvement project you've worked on? FULL STORY
07/12/13 Poll Vault: Do you grow anything in your backyard?
By Michelle Holdway - Michelle Holdway's got a tree in her backyard bursting with sour cherries. What do you have growing in your yard or garden? FULL STORY
07/05/13 Poll Vault: Do you play fantasy sports?
By Michelle Holdway - Michelle Holdway has four fantasy Tour de France teams. You read that right. What about you? Do you have a fantasy baseball team? Or are you eagerly awaiting fantasy football? FULL STORY
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