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12/16/11 Poll Vault: What kinds of cookies do you make for the holidays?
By Michelle Holdway - This week's Poll Vault is brought to you by the letter "C," because "C" is for cookie. What baked treats does your family have for the holidays each year? FULL STORY
12/09/11 Poll Vault: What holiday songs are you already sick of?
By Michelle Holdway - It's Dec. 9, and the novelty of continuous holiday music on the radio has worn off. What Christmas songs make you cringe now? FULL STORY
12/02/11 Poll Vault: Do you have a heartwarming animal story to share?
By Michelle Holdway - Let me tell you a story about a cat named Comiskey, who lives at my father's law office downstate. He disappeared Aug. 7 -- then suddenly reappeared Monday. What's your heartwarming pet story? FULL STORY
11/25/11 Poll Vault: What do you do with leftover turkey?
By Michelle Holdway - What do you do with your Thanksgiving leftovers? Do you make turkey potpie, turkey soup or turkey tetrazzini? Do you craft magnificent turkey sandwiches, perhaps putting a piece of bread soaked in gravy in the middle, ala "The Moistmaker" in that... FULL STORY
11/18/11 Poll Vault: How much of your holiday shopping do you have done?
By Michelle Holdway - There's no time like (ahem) the present for a question about holiday shopping. Are your credit cards already smoking? Or does the very thought of a crowded mall make your head hurt? FULL STORY
11/11/11 Poll Vault: Which branch of the military would you join?
By Michelle Holdway - Imagine the government has just made military service compulsory for adults, regardless of your fitness level. Before you head off to boot camp, you get to choose which of the five branches to join. Which would you choose? FULL STORY
11/04/11 Poll Vault: What's your worst travel experience?
By Michelle Holdway - Halloween has come and gone, but I still want to hear some horror stories. Your travel horror stories, that is. FULL STORY
10/28/11 Poll Vault: What was your favorite Halloween costume?
By Michelle Holdway - Halloween isn't my thing. Never has been. The pressure of coming up with a costume is too stressful. As a kid in the late 1970s and the early '80s, I was content to wear those store-bought, vinyl coveralls with the ill-fitting plastic mask. What was... FULL STORY
10/21/11 Poll Vault: Are you a Mac or a PC?
By Michelle Holdway - Welcome to the Poll Vault, a new weekly survey. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' memorial service was held this week. My husband and I are such Mac devotees, Apple got a plug in our wedding vows. Which leads to this week's poll: Are you a... FULL STORY
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