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10/13/10 Comptroller candidates spar over roadworker donation
By Marni Pyke - Illinois comptroller candidates are seeing red over a $5,000 donation from a construction company banned from government contracts. Democrat State Rep. David Miller calls the contribution tainted while Republican recipient Judy Baar Topinka of... FULL STORY
10/13/10 Red-light camera fight distinguishes AG candidates
By Marni Pyke - Red-light cameras are a topic that divide lawmakers, drivers and police, so not surprisingly the candidates for the state's top attorney disagree on the issue. Incumbent Attorney General Lisa Madigan, a Chicago Democrat, faces challengers Republican... FULL STORY
10/12/10 How to make suburbs better in 30 years
By Marni Pyke - We're congested, sprawling and maxing out on our natural resources. And by 2040, 2.4 million more residents will live in the region. It's time to reverse the negative trends and plan for smart growth in the next 30 years, the Chicago Metropolitan... FULL STORY
10/09/10 Just a 3.5 hour public transit commute to work
By Marni Pyke - I don't just want to write about Car-Free Day. I want to live it. I want to hug trees, reduce my carbon footprint and be one with nature. FULL STORY
10/08/10 Treasurer candidates talk about merging offices
By Marni Pyke - Consolidating the Illinois comptroller and treasurer's offices is one of those evergreen ideas that keeps coming back into fashion especially around election time. FULL STORY
10/06/10 Treasurer hopefuls debate college fund
By Marni Pyke - While Democrat candidate for state treasurer Robin Kelly contends that losses in the college-savings program Bright Start resulted in tighter financial controls, her Republican opponent Sen. Dan Rutherford counters those lessons haven't sunk... FULL STORY
10/05/10 Will Elgin-O'Hare Expressway reach the airport?
By Marni Pyke - After years of talk, completing the eastern part of the Elgin-O'Hare Expressway and building a western bypass around the airport are gaining momentum and indications are that all or part of the project could be a tollway. FULL STORY
10/05/10 Pace sues advocacy group over name use
By Marni Pyke - Pace is suing three women for copying its name in an organization advocating for the disabled that is critical of how the agency handles paratransit service. FULL STORY
10/05/10 The big chill is coming to Union Station
By Marni Pyke - Those giant fans Union Station commuters are only too familiar with every summer will be replaced with a welcome innovation -- air conditioning -- in the not-too-distant future. FULL STORY
10/03/10 Route 110 designation for Chicago to Kansas City expressway
By Marni Pyke - "I'm going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come. Well I might take a train. I might take a plane. But if I have to walk I'm gonna get there just the same." FULL STORY
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Displaying 781 through 790 of 1003 results
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