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04/17/11 Outgoing chair talks about a dark year and change at Metra
By Marni Pyke - Throughout the entire excruciating mess involving Phil Pagano's misuse of Metra funds, Carole Doris has been stoic. It wasn't until Doris stepped away from Metra Friday that she showed emotion, choking back tears while announcing her resignation. FULL STORY
04/15/11 Metra employees cautioned after shakedown scandal
By Marni Pyke - It shouldn't be necessary, but Metra's new CEO is warning employees against any unethical behavior in the wake of an investigation into whether a former executive attempted to shakedown a movie producer. FULL STORY
04/15/11 Metra chairman's resignation leaves tough job open
By Marni Pyke - Legislative scrutiny, budget woes and regaining public trust are among the challenges facing the next leader of Metra in the wake of Chairman Carole Doris' resignation Friday. Doris' move comes a year after a probe into financial misconduct by... FULL STORY
04/13/11 FAA puts extra controllers at towers after sleeping incident
By Marni Pyke - DuPage Airport air traffic controllers won't fly solo on the midnight shift any more as federal authorities react to news of a sleeping on the job incident in Nevada, one of several recently. FULL STORY
04/13/11 "It sends a jolt through your body" Why you should slow down for construction workers
By Marni Pyke - Next time I feel the need for speed in a work zone, I'll think of Rocky O'Connor. Husband. Father of four. And superintendent at Roadsafe Traffic Systems. They're the men and women armed with the orange barrels setting up the work... FULL STORY
04/12/11 Pace to alert paratransit riders when van's coming
By Marni Pyke - Disabled riders using Pace's pickup van service won't have to wonder if their driver will be on time or tardy with the introduction of a new alert system. FULL STORY
04/12/11 Metra looking into 'Source Code' shakedown
By Marni Pyke - Metra's inspector general is expanding a probe into whether a former employee tried to shake down a production company manager working on the thriller "Source Code." Metra's interim inspector general also will review work on... FULL STORY
04/11/11 Tollway audit finds favoritism in hiring
By Marni Pyke - Political connections mattered more than qualifications for some jobs at the Illinois tollway, an audit indicated Monday. Illinois State Toll Highway Authority auditors reviewed political hiring at the agency in 2003 and 2004 following a media... FULL STORY
04/09/11 Zion power plant safety questioned
By Marni Pyke - With worst-case scenarios unfolding at the Fukushima nuclear site in Japan, people in the shadow of the shuttered Zion power plant sought answers to security questions Saturday. FULL STORY
04/09/11 Downers Grove man charged in bank scam
By Marni Pyke - Federal authorities indicted a Downers Grove man with duping a downstate bank out of $2.5 million as part of an elaborate mortgage con job. FULL STORY
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Displaying 741 through 750 of 1006 results
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