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08/18/11 Our tolls on low end compared to other states'
By Marni Pyke - Daily I-PASS users already may wince at their credit card bills, but, compared with tolls in other states, Illinois commuters aren't so bad off. We pay about 3 cents a mile; it's 4.2 cents a mile in Ohio and 7.7 cents a mile on the Pennsylvania... FULL STORY
08/18/11 Illinois toll increases will create jobs, proponents say
By Marni Pyke - Foes of toll increases squared off against proponents of job creation Thursday at the Illinois tollway's first hearings into a controversial $12 billion, 15-year capital plan. FULL STORY
08/17/11 What it takes to direct air traffic from Aurora facility
By Marni Pyke - A rare up-close tour shows how controllers at the Federal Aviation Administration's Chicago Center in Aurora work. A good controller "has a Type A personality," veteran employee Toby Hauck explains. "You need to make quick, correct decisions."... FULL STORY
08/15/11 'Plan B' opts for less painful toll hike in short term
By Marni Pyke - The Illinois tollway can fix its roads and build new ones at a fraction of the cost of the official plan, an agency official says. FULL STORY
08/15/11 Metra wants help to put defibrillators on trains
By Marni Pyke - Metra intends to put defibrillators on trains, but paying for the lifesaving units is another issue. FULL STORY
08/15/11 Best road trip song ever? You decide
By Marni Pyke - "Rainbow connection?" "Runnin' Down a Dream?" "Born to be Wild?" It's voting time for In Transit's Best Road Trip Song ever contest. FULL STORY
08/15/11 Atlanta beats O'Hare as nation's busiest airport
By Marni Pyke - The South wins the latest airport war, with Atlanta's airport claiming the "busiest" title over O'Hare. FULL STORY
08/12/11 Is the Fritos Rock Island Line coming? Metra looks at naming rights
By Marni Pyke - You may soon be seeing a Metra car sponsered by Coke or even Pepsi. Metra directors agreed Friday to see if there's a business out there willing to trade cash for naming rights to stations, train lines or products such as system maps, timetables... FULL STORY
08/12/11 Metra will crack down on conductors
By Marni Pyke - There are no decisions yet on whether to go with fare hikes, service cuts or both, but Metra directors did agree Friday it's time to crack down on conductors who don't collect fares. FULL STORY
08/09/11 O'Hare Airport buzzing over honey bees
By Marni Pyke - The sweet smell of success is in the air at O'Hare International Airport with an unusual collaboration aimed at giving honeybees and their keepers a second chance. Twenty-three beehives were installed on a vacant piece of property on the airport's... FULL STORY
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Displaying 651 through 660 of 1003 results
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