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03/21/14 Lombard pedestrian tunnel work to start soon
By Marni Pyke - Metra commutersand pedestrians in Lombard will get safer passage across the railway crossing with the construction of a tunnel. FULL STORY
03/20/14 Metropolis Strategies will exit in May
By Marni Pyke - The civic group Metropolis Strategies will close its doors in May. "It was created as a temporary organization and it's gone on longer than we thought," senior executive Jim LaBelle said. Metropolis has tackled a number of regional issues ranging... FULL STORY
03/20/14 Dillard 'looking forward, not backward' after loss
By Marni Pyke - Kirk Dillard has some "what ifs" but says he has no regrets as he prepares to return to life as a private citizen. Dillard gambled his state Senate seat, which he's held since 1995, on a gubernatorial victory. He'll leave office in... FULL STORY
03/18/14 Dillard says he's a 'winner no matter what'
By Marni Pyke - State Sen. Kirk Dillard risked it all to be Illinois' next governor. The unlucky toss of the dice cost the longtime political fixture his state senate seat but he was unrepentent after preliminary results showed businessman Bruce Rauner... FULL STORY
03/17/14 Merge transit agencies into one, task force members say
By Marni Pyke - Creating a single super-agency to oversee transit in the region appears to be the consensus of a state task force responsible for reforms at the RTA, Metra, Pace and CTA. "We need something bold in our governance structure," former... FULL STORY
03/17/14 Snow-blocked sidewalks upset suburbanites
By Marni Pyke - Readers are taking over the In Transit column today and they're steamed about snow removal on sidewalks. Why, they wonder, don't more of their neighbors help keep the walks clear? And why aren't towns helping out more? "We often find that kids... FULL STORY
03/16/14 Des Plaines oasis closes today
By Marni Pyke - Workers on catwalks, suction cups, cranes. That's what it will take to erase the Des Plaines oasis overhanging I-90 this May and June. The iconic glass structure closes today to eventually make way for a transformative new toll road connecting to... FULL STORY
03/14/14 Some seats contested, others vacant as committeeman role evolves
By Marni Pyke - Committeemen, those political party footsoldiers, might seem old-fashioned in an age of millennials and social media. Many committeeman seats have no candidates in Tuesday's primary, though some others are hotly contested. FULL STORY
03/14/14 Ventra switch coming July 1 for Pace, CTA riders
By Marni Pyke - Pace and the Chicago Transit Authority will officially transfer to Ventra, the new fare system July 1. Kinks that continued through the rollout of Ventra last fall and summer are worked out, officials promised. FULL STORY
03/11/14 Elgin-O'Hare details emerging
By Marni Pyke - A tolling system that avoids charging fees at entrances and exits were among the new details of the Elgin-O'Hare Expressway extension and western bypass laid out at an open house Tuesday. Initial plans calls for an all-electronic road that... FULL STORY
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Displaying 31 through 40 of 1006 results
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