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08/21/12 Easy borscht can't be beet
By M. Eileen Brown - Are we undergoing a beet renaissance? Maybe, maybe not, but this underappreciated veggie deserves a second look. And that means making borscht. FULL STORY
07/25/12 Chilled avocado soup shows its versatility
By M. Eileen Brown - Tomatillos, with their citrus and herbal flavor, are the key to this refreshing chilled avocado soup. This recipe also can be used to dress salad greens, or as a dip for veggies and chips. FULL STORY
06/25/12 Vichyssoise a summer pleaser, n'est pas?
By M. Eileen Brown - Vichyssoise is my new favorite summertime soup. (Goodbye, gazpacho. It was nice while it lasted.) Who would have thought cold potato soup could be so delightful? Its cold, creamy potato-y-ness is like a savory milkshake, and I mean that in the best... FULL STORY
05/29/12 Learning new soup-making tips
By M. Eileen Brown - No matter how much time I spend over a hot stock pot, I'm always open to learning a new soup technique or two. I love taking cooking classes because I almost always walk out with a new trick up my sleeve. I recently took a class on vegan Italian... FULL STORY
04/24/12 Soupalooza: Asparagus soup embodies spring
By M. Eileen Brown - There are plenty of lovely (and easy) recipes for cream of asparagus soup, but I found the results to be more about the cream and less about the asparagus. I landed on a blended soup made with asparagus, potatoes, onions, celery and garlic, a recipe... FULL STORY
04/04/12 Elk Grove Village's Bistro Dragon an Asian fusion feast
By M. Eileen Brown - Bistro Dragon is a beautifully designed restaurant with artfully prepared food. Yet, this Elk Grove Village eatery is so much more than a pretty face. Specializing in "contemporary sushi and Chinese food," the menu is eclectic and... FULL STORY
03/26/12 Soupalooza: When to make that extra effort
By M. Eileen Brown - How many times have you decided to go ahead with a recipe, only to skip that little something that seems extravagant or unnecessary? After all, soup, for the most part, is carefree. Who has time to whip up a little oregano cream or gremolata on a... FULL STORY
02/28/12 Hambone-less split pea soup still satisfies
By M. Eileen Brown - When I became a vegetarian 25 years ago, I gave up certain favorite foods including pepperoni pizza, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches and, alas split pea soup. While I am perfectly happy with cheese pizza, who wants to eat a tomato and lettuce... FULL STORY
02/17/12 'South Pacific' transports audiences to another time, place
By M. Eileen Brown - In many ways, "South Pacific," the iconic American musical, seems firmly rooted in a specific time and place. The story of romance colliding with racism, set on a tropical island against the backdrop of World War II, evokes a long-gone... FULL STORY
01/30/12 Marriott's 'Legally Blonde' clearly over the top
By M. Eileen Brown - Theatergoers at Marriott Theatre's musical production of "Legally Blonde" generally seem to fall into one of two camps. One group will be, for the most part, dressed in pink. Next, we have the second group of theater patrons, dressed in... FULL STORY
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Displaying 21 through 30 of 35 results
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