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05/27/13 Soupalooza: Cold pea soup you'll eat all up
By M. Eileen Brown - OK, OK, so I know what you're thinking. Chilled cream of snap pea soup? Really? Creamed cold pea soup with Marmite? Has Soupalooza gone mad? Well, how about we give it a French name? Mangetout soupe sounds much better, doesn't? (Try it with a French... FULL STORY
04/24/13 Soupalooza: Mushroom Barley Soup brings a flood of good memories
By M. Eileen Brown - M. Eileen Brown finds a beloved recipe for Mushroom Barley Soup among her overflowing recipe box. This recipe from a dear friend and former co-worker brings back memories of her whole cooking history, family and friendships. FULL STORY
03/26/13 Favorite recipe yields different result. What's up with that?
By M. Eileen Brown - Everyone has their favorite go-to recipe, right? It's the one that's easy, tasty and, most importantly, surefire. You can make it in your sleep and it never varies. My favorite "no worry" recipe is one that I tore out of a food magazine somewhere... FULL STORY
02/25/13 Soupalooza: Hot and sour soup cures what ails you
By M. Eileen Brown - Hot and Sour Soup is the Asian version of chicken noodle soup -- the antidote to all that ails you. While that may seem like just another folk tale, there is evidence that hot and sour soup is really good for you. The lightly cooked vegetables... FULL STORY
01/29/13 Hot bowl of fish soup melts winter doldrums
By M. Eileen Brown - I don't know about you, but February requires an extra bit of effort on my part in order to maintain even a semblance of good cheer. Come February my spirits need a little bolstering. The perfect antidote to my winter of discontent is a nice... FULL STORY
12/26/12 Soupalooza: Yeasty green bean soup cures holiday hangovers
By M. Eileen Brown - Can the gunk collected from the bottom of beer barrels set you straight after a night of too much of said beer, or wine or spirits? According to M. Eileen Brown Marmite, that yeasty paste, adds the right balance of nutrients to green bean soup and... FULL STORY
11/27/12 Chocolate adds depth to tortilla soup
By M. Eileen Brown - Chocolate in soup? Don't write off the idea before you hear what M. Eileen Brown has to say about one of Paula Deen's recipes that evokes shrimp enchiladas in rich mole sauce. FULL STORY
10/30/12 Roasting the key to easy squash soup
By M. Eileen Brown - Forget trying to hack away at a hard-shelled squash when you want soup. M. Eileen Brown found an easier way. "I have decided that cooking them whole (or cut in big chunks) is the best way to go about it. If the squash fits into my oven rack, I... FULL STORY
10/17/12 BlackFinn angling to be your go-to place in Mount Prospect
By M. Eileen Brown - BlackFinn American Grille in Mount Prospect is your basic, all-around, late-night, weekend brunch, date night, take the kids, game day, after work with co-workers, meet a friend for lunch kind of place. Really, it's all that. A new addition to... FULL STORY
10/04/12 First Folio shows a love for Edgar Allan Poe
By M. Eileen Brown - Using Edgar Allan Poe's stories, poems and letters, First Folio playwright and executive director David Rice takes an excursion through the influential author's macabre and melancholic psyche, illuminating the obsessive sorrow and sadness in "The... FULL STORY
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