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02/23/11 Test your local Oscar trivia
By Lisa Friedman Miner - Suburbanites have claimed their share of Oscars over the years. Here's your chance to test your local Oscar trivia. FULL STORY
02/21/11 Mount Prospect's Bar Louie boasts eclectic menu
By Lisa Friedman Miner - Bar Louie, open in Mount Prospect since early December, serves up a wide selection of beer, cocktails and food items. FULL STORY
01/27/11 Unflinching 'Frozen' confronts dark questions
By Lisa Friedman Miner - Buffalo Theatre Ensemble stages a chilling, well-acted production of "Frozen" at McAninch Arts Center in Glen Ellyn. FULL STORY
12/29/10 10 last-minute ways to send off 2010
By Lisa Friedman Miner - New Year's Eve celebrants generally fall into two camps: Those who plan way, way ahead. And those who don't. If you're in the latter group but still want to enjoy the night, no fear. Here are 10 last-minute ways to send 2010 off in style. Just check... FULL STORY
11/25/10 Sprawling story weighs down 'Civil War Christmas'
By Lisa Friedman Miner - The setting of "A Civil War Christmas" Washington, D.C., on Christmas Eve 1864 offers a rich opportunity for great storytelling. It will be, of course, President Lincoln's last Christmas. Slaves in the South dream of freedom. A nation,... FULL STORY
11/11/10 10 things to do before the end of 2010
By Lisa Friedman Miner - Time is running out not just on your 2010 calendar, but also on the opportunity to experience some extraordinary events. So here are 10 things for you to do before 2010 draws to a close. FULL STORY
10/02/10 'She Loves Me' a subtle, old-fashioned treasure
By Lisa Friedman Miner - At a time when so many musicals are marketed as big-budget spectacles, "She Loves Me" remains a subtle, old-fashioned treasure. FULL STORY
09/11/10 Constantine Maroulis ready to rock into Chicago
By Lisa Friedman Miner - Constantine Maroulis was just a kid during the 1980s, the era in which "Rock of Ages" is gloriously set. But the former "American Idol" finalist turned Broadway star is quick to say what comes to mind when he thinks of that decadent decade. FULL STORY
08/24/10 Emil's makes itself at home in downtown Grayslake
By Lisa Friedman Miner - Open since Feb. 1 in a spot once home to a pharmacy, Emil's Tavern on Center dispenses its own cures for what ails you. This Grayslake sports bar is the kind of place where you can simply hang, enjoying hot pizza, cold beer and warm, friendly... FULL STORY
08/09/10 Your Health: Travel tips, what docs think of you
By Lisa Friedman Miner - August is the perfect time for a good, old-fashioned road trip. Too many hours in the car can be hard on the neck and back, especially if those are problem pain areas for you. FULL STORY
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Displaying 51 through 60 of 68 results
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