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04/07/10 U-46's CFO leaving to take job at Harper College
By Kerry Lester - The second chief financial officer in less than a year has announced his resignation from Elgin Area School District U-46. FULL STORY
04/07/10 U-46 frustrated over lack of funding fix help
By Kerry Lester - Elgin Area School District U-46 officials are expressing frustration with both the state board of education and state House leaders, saying they are dragging their feet to help the district with a funding fix. FULL STORY
04/06/10 U-46 now missing $20 million from state
By Kerry Lester - Ron Ally says he feels like a "bit of a broken record these days." For the past several months, Elgin Area School District U-46's Chief Financial Officer has reported a similar story to the school board - millions in missing state funds and a... FULL STORY
04/05/10 Student loan legislation won't affect local community college lending
By Kerry Lester - While community college officials across the suburbs express resounding support for the student loan overhaul signed into law by President Barack Obama, they also admit the legislation won't change much about the way they're doing business. FULL STORY
04/03/10 Fundraiser to help paralyzed Larkin grad
By Kerry Lester - Two years later, details of the hours leading up to his paralysis are still crystal clear for Dean Williams. The 2006 Larkin High School graduate was in Melbourne, Fla., working at a local restaurant while preparing to enter a police academy. FULL STORY
04/02/10 Pop musical theater focuses on counteracting teen violence at CHS
By Kerry Lester - A free performance focusing on counteracting teen violence, bullying, negative self image and drug use will take place at 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 6 at Central High School, 44 W. Plato Road in Hampshire. FULL STORY
04/02/10 U-46 gets 70 new principals ... for a day
By Kerry Lester - Kenyon Woods Middle School is familiar turf for Mike Kenyon. The South Elgin resident, farm owner and Kane County Board member previously owned the land where the district's largest middle school was built in 2003. FULL STORY
04/02/10 U-46 will use drug-sniffing dogs in high schools
By Kerry Lester - Police dogs are part of a new drug prevention and deterrence program being rolled out in Elgin Area School District U-46 high schools. FULL STORY
03/31/10 Luther North High School battling foreclosure
By Kerry Lester - Nearly a year to the day the Christian Brothers announced plans to close Driscoll Catholic, another long-standing parochial high school may fall victim to the economy. FULL STORY
03/30/10 Lawmakers closer to banning unfunded school mandates
By Kerry Lester - A new law that would limit the number of unfunded state education mandates on school districts' plates is close to passing, though not without significant changes. FULL STORY
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Displaying 761 through 770 of 865 results
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