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07/21/13 Editor Gruff, pipelines and our Fox River series
By Jim Davis - As recently as three decades ago, many people held a dim view of the Fox River. That's changed so dramatically it prompted a summer-long series of stories on the river's transformation, reports Jim Davis, DuPage/Fox Valley news director. FULL STORY
06/30/13 Why give voice to unconventional views?
By Jim Davis - Columnist Jim Davis: Writing about people opposed to vaccinating their children wasn't a popular story -- as evidenced by the resistence we got before a word was published. But it was a story well worth pursuing. FULL STORY
06/23/13 DuPage County's target in consolidation battle: mosquitoes
By Jim Davis - Now that DuPage County has become first in Illinois with the power to reduce the number of local governments, it has its sights on a potentially elusive target: Mosquitoes. The county board chairman hopes to winnow the number of agencies involved in... FULL STORY
06/09/13 Scrambling to find a 'victim' for our weekly radio spot
By Jim Davis - Jim Davis, DuPage and Fox Valley news director, details his first appearance on the weekly interview of Daily Herald staff on WBBM radio. It was a can't-miss topic: the 131 high school students the newspaper honored for their academic prowess. FULL STORY
05/26/13 Always happy to run your letters: For free!!!
By Jim Davis - Not only was it a nice letter to the editor, its authors were offering to pay for its publication. That inspired DuPage/Fox news director Jim Davis to create a favorite letters file for publication later in the year. FULL STORY
05/19/13 Carol Stream T-shirt guy's work underscores our Business mission
By Jim Davis - Have you heard the one about the Carol Stream guy who invented the combo Bulls-Blackhawks playoffs T-shirt? You will soon, says Jim Davis, news director for the DuPage and Fox Valley editions. FULL STORY
04/28/13 Newspapering hardly deserves its 'worst' label
By Jim Davis - Columnist Jim Davis: Sure we're busy, understaffed and stressed out, but at the end of the day there's often a strong sense of accomplishment that comes with what a survey calls the worst job in the nation. FULL STORY
04/14/13 In a DuPage courtroom: murder trial coverage - with many restrictions
By Jim Davis - The first gavel-to-gavel trial coverage with still and video cameras occurs this week in a suburban courtroom. But the landmark experiment doesn't come without a host of rules and restrictions, says Jim Davis, news director for the DuPage and Fox... FULL STORY
03/31/13 Local primaries make case for less democracy
By Jim Davis - About that February primary. The weather was lousy, the turnout awful, the expense excessive. And many people didn't have anything to vote on. Why continue with such a system? wonders Jim Davis, news director for the DuPage and Fox Valley editions. FULL STORY
03/17/13 Scary new world: Have mug shot removed for a fee
By Jim Davis - Websites that post police mug shots, then offer to take them down for a fee, are causing consternation among law officials and defense lawyers. But efforts to curb the practice underscores the modern-day challenges of basic crime reporting, says Jim... FULL STORY
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Displaying 21 through 30 of 158 results
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