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12/15/13 How we captured Elburn million-light holiday display
By Jim Davis - Yeah, it's a big deal to string a million lights from your house in Elburn. But it's no walk in the park for the reporter and photographer who chronicled it all on the coldest week of the year, says Jim Davis, DuPage and Fox Valley news director. FULL STORY
11/24/13 Our political editor's firsthand brush with Washington (Ill.) disaster
By Jim Davis - Jim Davis' Sunday Soapbox: Washington tornado hits close to home; did we save lives of two sick dogs in Wood Dale?; Carpentersville texting tiff. FULL STORY
11/17/13 When it comes to sports coverage, you just can't win
By Jim Davis - We try really, really hard not to show bias when it comes to our sports teams. But that's a tall order when you're dealing with so many fanatics, says Jim Davis, DuPage/Fox Valley news director. FULL STORY
11/10/13 Stunningly, you can't have fun with every story
By Jim Davis - A request to the editorial department for "fun" stories drew an underwhelming response. DuPage/Fox Valley News Director Jim Davis says that's because much of our work is pretty serious. That doesn't mean there isn't room for fun. FULL STORY
10/06/13 No one gets 'Chopped' in our cooking contest
By Jim Davis - Jim Davis, news director for the DuPage and Valley editions, has a crucial duty for the Daily Herald: Get sardines, chick peas, Twizzlers and almond butter to contestants in our Cook of the Week Challenge so they can make a gourmet meal out of 'em. FULL STORY
09/29/13 Soapboxing on radical-turned-speaker Bill Ayers
By Jim Davis - Another take or two or more on the decision by Elgin Community College decision to invite former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers as a guest speaker. Jim Davis, DuPage and Fox Falley news director weighs in, Soapbox style. FULL STORY
09/15/13 Naperville case raises question: How far to go to protect your child?
By Jim Davis - The case of a dad who tried to take the rap for his son accused of drunkenly driving 124 mph sparks the question: How far should a parent go to protect a child? Jim Davis, DuPage and Fox Valley news director weighs in. FULL STORY
08/25/13 How our reporter got rocker to change his tune on Beatles story
By Jim Davis - Jim Davis tells the story behind the story of an Elmhurst musician's big fib about his connection to the Beatles. FULL STORY
08/18/13 Naperville's duck tickets and other shameless news
By Jim Davis - In a shameless ripoff of the Saturday Soapbox, DuPage/Fox Valley news director Jim Davis presents Sunday Soapbox, his longer-winded views on the news of the day. Topics range from feeding the ducks in Naperville (bad) to hometown guys from Lombard... FULL STORY
08/04/13 St. Charles runner, Lombard walker should inspire us all
By Jim Davis - A St. Charles man running across the country; a Lombard man walking to Atlanta; people using their cellphones on a carousel in North Barrington. All embody the same thing: Doing good for humanity, writes Jim Davis, DuPage/Fox Valley news director. FULL STORY
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Displaying 11 through 20 of 158 results
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