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11/04/10 News flash: Voters OK tax increases, uh, bond sales
By Jim Davis - Official news release excerpt from West Chicago Elementary District 33, where voters just approved depending on your point of view a tax increase or a bond sale. FULL STORY
10/21/10 Taxes going up? Fence Post gives array of views
By Jim Davis - For your reading pleasure, I have hand-picked several letters to fill our Fence Post column. You don't need a calendar to know an election is drawing near. The volume of letters to Fence Post spikes dramatically. FULL STORY
10/07/10 Who wants to shake up the county board?
By Jim Davis - Three days after my final college class, I landed my first "real job," reporter for the now-shuttered Daily Journal. I'd somehow fallen into the premier beat coverage of the DuPage County Board. This reporter was so new and naive that when I... FULL STORY
10/01/10 'Convicted?' and other key questions for candidates
By Jim Davis - The letter, from a regular contributor to our Fence Post column, provided some encouragement and some gentle prodding. FULL STORY
09/17/10 We're not chicken about covering this huge story
By Jim Davis - Stop the presses!!! Did you hear Chick-fil-A is coming, and it opened its first Chicago-area restaurant along Route 59 in Aurora on Thursday? FULL STORY
09/10/10 Suburban restaurateur bares his soul
By Jim Davis - I've never met the man, but I've always liked Dick Portillo. I mean, the up-by-the-boostraps story - poor upbringing, opens a hot dog stand in a 6-by-12-foot trailer, becomes a hot dog magnate - is compelling in and of itself. FULL STORY
09/03/10 This victim's impact statement a lesson for all
By Jim Davis - It's known by the clinical-sounding term: "Victim impact statement." Those words belie the power and raw emotion they carry when they're read in court, usually at sentencing hearings by the victims of the crime that brought about the final attempt... FULL STORY
08/27/10 Read all about us, for a change of pace
By Jim Davis - Years ago, a Daily Herald photographer - an exceptionally good one, I might add - was explaining why an assignment requiring him to do a short interview with his subject was not his cup of tea. FULL STORY
08/20/10 Jenny can't play ball; there ought to be a solution
By Jim Davis - Reporter Anna Madrzyk set it up perfectly: "Jenny Youngwith plays baseball, rides a bike and practices ballet - all with her service dog Simba at her side, toting two small oxygen tanks," she wrote in Wednesday's editions, "The 17-year-old high... FULL STORY
08/13/10 Dog-team's days of summer test a fan's loyalty
By Jim Davis - DuPage City Editor Bob Smith stopped by my office Wednesday with an important announcement. FULL STORY
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Displaying 121 through 130 of 159 results
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