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02/10/11 Tweet will show that I'm not just a twit
By Jim Davis - I thought I was being funny, but a member of my staff figured I was just clueless when I said in a note, "I will be in Arlington Heights Thursday morning, learning about the wonders of Tweetdeck. I'll send you a Twit when I'm about to... FULL STORY
02/03/11 Snow removal can get deadly serious
By Jim Davis - How we fared in fighting The Blizzard of '11 depends on your personal perspective. FULL STORY
01/13/11 Oh, for the rare story with a happy ending
By Jim Davis - Oftentimes, the news we come across is not so good. Sometimes, though, it's good. And, every once in a blue moon, the news starts out bad and ends up good. An example of the latter is Tim Spencer, the Bloomingdale man with the barking guide... FULL STORY
12/30/10 About that nude photo shoot by Evan Lysacek
By Jim Davis - Being an eagle-eyed editor and all, I just knew something big was going on when virtually the entire staff was gathered around an editor's computer screen a few months ago. It involved Naperville favorite son Evan Lysacek. FULL STORY
12/09/10 A relentless battle for the most basic candidate information
By Jim Davis - Hey, I said, we should cover the installation of Joe Birkett as a justice of the Illinois Appellate Court's Second District in Elgin next week. Not so fast, Daily Herald. FULL STORY
12/02/10 OK, candidates, fork over those e-mail addresses
By Jim Davis - OK, here we go again. Didn't we just finish with an election? I know we must have, as our new DuPage County Board chairman, Dan Cronin, will be sworn in Monday night. FULL STORY
11/25/10 By the time we got to Barnstock ... we were kinda old
By Jim Davis - There was a great Top Ten list on Letterman some time ago. Names for an upcoming Rolling Stones tour: "Geezers with Guitars," "Hey, You, Get Off My Barcalounger" and my fave, "The Rolling Stones Live and Keith... FULL STORY
11/18/10 Our correspondent in Afghanistan gives us a scare
By Jim Davis - In hindsight, perhaps the title line of my e-mail to my co-workers wasn't the wisest choice. "Matt Spartz," it read. Marie Wilson, one of our newest reporters, opened the e-mail with a sense of foreboding, fearing the worst about our... FULL STORY
11/11/10 A great idea from our correspondent in Afghanistan
By Jim Davis - It was a tongue-in-cheek exchange among members of our editorial board. One suggested an editorial on the topic of veterans to run Thursday, Veterans Day. But he lacked a specific focus. Try this, one editor suggested: FULL STORY
11/04/10 News flash: Voters OK tax increases, uh, bond sales
By Jim Davis - Official news release excerpt from West Chicago Elementary District 33, where voters just approved depending on your point of view a tax increase or a bond sale. FULL STORY
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Displaying 111 through 120 of 158 results
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