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02/01/11 Oh, come on, this is snoverkill
By Jamie Sotonoff - In a blizzard, everyone's a comedian.Whenever there's a major weather event, new words become part of the lexicon. Last winter, the word "snowpocalypse" was popular, and President Barack Obama referred to last year's storm in Washington... FULL STORY
01/31/11 Could it miss us? Not this time
By Jamie Sotonoff - Here in Chicago, we're used to dramatic, dire weather forecasts. Meteorologists usually get it right, but their forecasts sometimes miss the mark and we get all hyped up for nothing. Could that happen with today's snowstorm, which the National... FULL STORY
01/28/11 77 kids store at Woodfield taps teen market
By Jamie Sotonoff - Major teen clothing chains launch lines to appeal to elementary-aged children. Now tweens and pre-tweens can shop at places like 77kids, P.S. Aeropostale and HTG81. FULL STORY
01/25/11 Cosgrove brings Dancing Crazy tour to Rosemont
By Jamie Sotonoff - Miranda Cosgrove, host of the popular Nickelodeon show iCarly, talks about her singing career and her upcoming show at the Rosemont Theatre Friday, Jan. 28. FULL STORY
01/25/11 Judges from suburbs help decide Rahm Emanuel's fate
By Jamie Sotonoff - Judges who got their start in the suburban Cook and DuPage County courthouses are deciding Rahm Emanuel's fate in the Chicago mayoral race. FULL STORY
01/24/11 Daily Herald's Gire joins Ebert's 'At the Movies'
By Jamie Sotonoff - Daily Herald Film Critic Dann Gire joins the cast of "At the Movies," Roger Ebert's new show on Friday nights on WTTW. FULL STORY
01/07/11 Suburban 'Elvises' plan 76th birthday bash
By Jamie Sotonoff - Even if it's a cold and gray Chicago mornin', suburban Elvis Presley fans plan to celebrate what would have been his 76th birthday on Saturday. Parties, tributes and even a soccer game are being held this weekend in memory of "The King."... FULL STORY
01/01/11 Gen X outspends younger buyers online
By Jamie Sotonoff - In the last week, 65-year-old Joe Cesario of Arlington Heights downloaded the movie "Wall Street" onto his home computer. He's also downloaded thousands of songs onto his MP3 player. Barbara Binns, 61, of Arlington Heights, bought music... FULL STORY
12/30/10 2010: The year the suburbs shined
By Jamie Sotonoff - Across the big and small screens, the suburbs shined in 2010. Throughout the year, suburban natives became hotshots in the entertainment world -- earning prestigious awards, landing top jobs and securing celebrity status. They made us proud and... FULL STORY
12/29/10 The warm weather will be great -- until the potholes show up
By Jamie Sotonoff - When temperatures rise above 40 degrees today, and past 50 degrees Friday, it'll be great to shed our hats and gloves and drive with our car windows open a crack. What won't be so great is what happens Saturday: Temperatures will fall back into the... FULL STORY
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Displaying 421 through 430 of 555 results
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