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03/23/11 Biggest Loser Resort among popular family weight-loss programs
By Jamie Sotonoff - The Biggest Loser ranches are becoming popular places for families with teens to go together to work on weight loss and developing a healthy lifestyle. But if you can't get out to Utah or California, there are camps closer to home for children of... FULL STORY
03/17/11 Many parking lots, roads in bad shape
By Jamie Sotonoff - Nearly every suburb has at least a few commercial parking lots or public roads with crumbling concrete or potholes in need of patching. FULL STORY
03/16/11 High school has special connection to Japan
By Jamie Sotonoff - Immediately after donation boxes were set up outside the Elk Grove High School cafeteria Wednesday, students and teachers started depositing money to help Japanese earthquake victims. While many suburban schools are raising money to help Japan... FULL STORY
03/11/11 Elk Grove man in New Zealand for Salvation Army
By Jamie Sotonoff - Major David Dalberg, of Elk Grove Village, will head to New Zealand Friday to take over command of the Salvation Army's earthquake relief efforts there. FULL STORY
03/09/11 'Pastor Joel' to pack Cell; local churches split on him
By Jamie Sotonoff - A wildly popular and sometimes controversial preacher, Joel Osteen will undoubtedly fill U.S. Cellular Field with his faithful followers this summer. Yet, Osteen sometimes draws criticism from other Christians, who say he misinterprets the Bible. FULL STORY
03/01/11 Minneapolis among family-friendliest cities
By Jamie Sotonoff - A lot of Midwestern cities have family-friendly attractions like water parks and children's museums, and Minneapolis is among them. Yet, the family fun here feels more organic. FULL STORY
03/01/11 Mall of America amusement park puts shopping in second place
By Jamie Sotonoff - The Mall of America - without shopping. Once hailed as a the country's largest mall, the reason most families visit the mall now is not the zero-percent tax at GAP and Abercrombie, but the plethora of indoor family entertainment. FULL STORY
03/01/11 Suburban 'ski bumps' make it easy (and cheap) to learn downhill skiing
By Jamie Sotonoff - There are a few excellent ski hills (or "ski bumps" as ski snobs sometimes call them) in the suburbs or within a few-hours drive. "This is a great place to learn, because the size of the hill is not intimidating," said Hans... FULL STORY
03/01/11 State suggests 17 is too young to tan
By Jamie Sotonoff and Mike Riopell - As the American Academy of Pediatrics says ban tanning bed use by those under 18, an Illinois bill would do just that. But opponents say the government is getting too involved. FULL STORY
02/24/11 Debunking the top myths about our suburbs
By Jamie Sotonoff - Why are so many people leaving Chicago and moving to the suburbs? Because the suburbs have a lot going for them. Let's start by debunking the top myths about the suburbs, using the new U.S. Census numbers to prove it. While Chicago's population... FULL STORY
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Displaying 401 through 410 of 554 results
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