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06/17/11 Suburban Vietnam veterans reflect on historic '86 parade
By Jamie Sotonoff - Suburban Vietnam veterans say the Welcome Home Parade in Chicago in 1986 helped heal their emotional wounds and shift the public's perception about veterans. The 25-year anniversary of that parade will be celebrated this weekend during Welcome Home... FULL STORY
06/15/11 New "baby theatre" for ages 0-3
By Jamie Sotonoff - A Chicago theater is opening a new space that will offer theater for ages 0-3. FULL STORY
06/15/11 Automakers want men to like minivans
By Jamie Sotonoff - Long perceived as "soccer mom" cars, automakers are now trying to make minivans more manly and appealling to soccer dads. FULL STORY
06/07/11 Jeff Garlin: Spontaneous, sugar-free and suburb-loving
By Jamie Sotonoff - Growing up in Morton Grove "was the greatest time of my life. It was the last perfect time," says "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Jeff Garlin. Garlin will be here for a stand-up comedy show about his new diet called "No Sugar... FULL STORY
06/06/11 Budget impasse could cost 52,000 jobs, halt road projects
By Kerry Lester and Jamie Sotonoff - Road and bridge construction projects around the suburbs could be halted this summer -- along with 52,000 jobs statewide -- if lawmakers don't return to Springfield to approve funding, Gov. Pat Quinn threatened. FULL STORY
06/02/11 Workers' comp bill: businesses gain, doctors lose
By Jamie Sotonoff - Suburban businesses will be helped and suburban doctors and hospitals will be hurt as a result of the workers' compensation reform bill passed by the state legislator late Tuesday night, those familiar with the legislation say. FULL STORY
06/01/11 Cole Hall, site of NIU shooting, undergoing $6 million renovation
By Jamie Sotonoff - Cole Hall, the lecture hall that was the scene of the deadly 2008 shooting rampage at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, is undergoing major construction and is set to reopen in fall. "We're still memorializing the students ... but it's... FULL STORY
05/30/11 Finding his 'bliss' brings DeCarlo home
By Dann Gire and Jamie Sotonoff - Mark DeCarlo has come along way from his controversial game show "Studs." Now, as part of ABC's new "Windy City Live" team, the Chicago-born DeCarlo shows that underneath his show biz and comedy ties beat the heart of a real journalist. FULL STORY
05/24/11 Oprah a life-changing force for some fans
By Jamie Sotonoff - What will they do without her? Suburban fans of Oprah Winfrey share their favorite shows and the impact the popular talk show host has made in their lives. FULL STORY
05/24/11 How TLC's 'Pawn Queens' came to Naperville
By Dann Gire and Jamie Sotonoff - The two women who own Naperville Jewelry and Loans pawn shop are the stars of the new TLC show "Pawn Queens." FULL STORY
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Displaying 371 through 380 of 552 results
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