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11/11/10 $5.4 million brings short-term space solution for Kane County
By James Fuller - Nearly $4.3 million from now, Kane County will have a temporary solution to the long-term problem of overcrowding at the county judicial center. County board members approved the expenditure this week to address space needed for new judges and... FULL STORY
11/10/10 'Straight Pride' shirts become free speech fight at St. Charles North
By James Fuller - What began as a week of anti-bullying efforts at St. Charles North High School has become an ongoing battle to decide when free speech crosses over into harassment and disruption. Three students Monday wore shirts to school with the words... FULL STORY
11/09/10 Anti-gay shirts spark unrest at St. Charles North High School
By James Fuller - Three St. Charles North High School students turned a student event about not bullying gay students into an opportunity to demonstrate their personal views against homosexuality Monday. This week is Ally Week at the school. Ally Week is a national... FULL STORY
11/09/10 County board officially votes in McMahon as state's attorney
By James Fuller - Some observers predicted Joe McMahon would be Kane County's new state's attorney even before County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay formed a task force to find John Barsanti's replacement. On Tuesday, county board members made... FULL STORY
11/07/10 Eight new Kane board members bring changes for committees
By James Fuller - Tuesday will mark the final Kane County Board meeting for eight members as Election Day spawned one of the largest rookie classes in recent memory. With that comes a whole new dynamic for how the county board will conduct business. It's a... FULL STORY
11/04/10 St. Charles still predicting budget deficit
By James Fuller - St. Charles officials say that the city is still headed toward a small budget deficit this year, and utility rates may be on the rise next year. Finance Director Chris Minick said this week the city is facing a deficit of about $100,000 in the... FULL STORY
11/04/10 Kane County traffic tickets may see $30 increase
By James Fuller - Kane County motorists may still see a $30 increase in traffic ticket fines, even if it takes Kane County State's Attorney John Barsanti returning to county board chambers in his new judicial robes. Board members rejected the increase for the... FULL STORY
11/03/10 McMahon expected to get nod to replace Barsanti
By James Fuller and Josh Stockinger - A former prosecutor with experience in both criminal and civil court was recommended Wednesday to fill the unexpired term of Kane County State's Attorney John Barsanti. If approved by the county board later this month, Elgin attorney Joseph... FULL STORY
11/03/10 Congressman-elect tours 14th District
By James Fuller - Congressman-elect Randy Hultgren set the bar for his freshman term in office that's even higher than goals stated by his more experienced Republican peers Wednesday. Hultgren spent Wednesday on a victory tour of the 14th Congressional District. Jobs... FULL STORY
11/03/10 Honeymoon last about 12 hours for re-elected sheriff
By James Fuller - It was a short honeymoon for newly re-elected Kane County Sheriff Pat Perez. A kick in the wallet greeted Perez the morning after his re-election as the county board's Executive Committee rejected an end-of-the-year supplemental budget... FULL STORY
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Displaying 1131 through 1140 of 1465 results
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