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11/06/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: Gas gauge fails
By Doug McAllister - Q. I own a 2002 Buick Rendezvous with approximately 102,000 miles. About six months ago the gas gauge started to improperly sense the fuel level. I've been told that the fuel gauge and the fuel pump are all in "one package" and very expensive... FULL STORY
10/23/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: "What causes engine 'tick'
By Doug McAllister - Q. When I first start my car in the morning, I hear a ticking noise coming from the engine. It's a 2003 Ford Escape Limited with a V-6 engine and 70,000 miles. It goes away after 30 seconds or less and doesn't do it upon subsequent warm startups,... FULL STORY
10/16/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: A/C system doesn't take the winter off
By Doug McAllister - Why would I want to get my A/C repaired before heading into winter? This question comes up quite often as we get toward the end of the summer cooling season and it came up again last week when we had a couple of those warm days. The client realized... FULL STORY
10/02/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: Tire pressure systems
By Doug McAllister - Q. I worked for an automotive center and I'm wondering if TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) is really necessary as opposed to traditional valve stems for automobile tires. Considering the fragility of TPMS units and the product cost and expense... FULL STORY
09/25/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood:
By Doug McAllister - Within one week we had two cars come into the shop that were very low on oil. When I say low, I mean like one to 1½ quarts left in a five-quart system. In one case the engine was knocking when it came in and in the other, the engine would not even... FULL STORY
09/18/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: Most vehicles have two air filters
By Doug McAllister - Q. The dealer I always take my car to sent me an email saying On Star had emailed them about a problem I'm having with my car. The problem is with the engine air filter. The check engine light never came on. What is the engine air filter? Is that... FULL STORY
09/11/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: Minor incident can cause major damage
By Doug McAllister - A couple dropped off their BMW with what seemed to be a minor problem. One of them had run over a rock while dropping a child off at a soccer field and damaged the lower part of the bumper, or so they thought. They did mention that it was making a... FULL STORY
09/04/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: Mildew can grow in A/C system
By Doug McAllister - Q. The ventilation system on my G35 smells like a musty basement when I start the car and occasionally smells when the air conditioning is on. Under the Hood columnist Doug McAllister answers car repair questions. FULL STORY
08/28/11 Under the hood: Checking a code is not diagnosis
By Doug McAllister - Q. I recently had a "check engine" light come on in my Toyota. I took it over to one of the parts stores and they diagnosed the car for free. FULL STORY
08/22/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: Heat changes tire pressure
By Doug McAllister - Q. I put air in my tires yesterday and had all the tires at the same pressure. My question is that if the tires are in direct sunlight, will that increase tire pressure? FULL STORY
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Displaying 81 through 90 of 104 results
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