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05/20/12 Under the hood: Rust usually excluded from warranties
By Doug McAllister - A reader wonders if his 100,000-mile warranty will cover an excessive rust problem. Suburban auto shop owner Doug McAllister answers your car questions. FULL STORY
05/13/12 Under the hood: Rotate tires diferrently on four-wheel and front-wheel drives
By Doug McAllister - For years, tires were rotated the same. But now, with all-wheel, front-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles, rotating tires is more complicated. FULL STORY
05/06/12 Under the hood: Replace parts in pairs
By Doug McAllister - Auto repair columnist Doug McAllister recommends one habit he would like people to develop; that is to replace things in pairs. Whether it be a light bulb or a suspension part like a ball joint or a brake caliper, it is real good practice to replace... FULL STORY
04/29/12 Under the hood: Brake plates should be cleaned of rust
By Doug McAllister - Regular maintenance will help keep optimal rear brake performance, says shop owner Douglas McAllister, who sees rust conditions or braking plates that rust away on many trucks and SUVs. FULL STORY
04/22/12 Under the hood: Shocks, struts often ignored
By Doug McAllister - Did you know April is Car Care Awareness Month? Its that time of year again when we all start thinking about taking some vacations or maybe some long weekends... FULL STORY
04/06/12 Undeer the hood: Fuel tank should not rust prematurely
By Doug McAllister - Fuel tanks will rust out from time to time but this should not happen with a garage-kept car that is less than 10 years old, says local shop owner Doug McAllister. FULL STORY
04/01/12 Under the hood: Gas mileage less than expected
By Doug McAllister - Under the Hood column FULL STORY
03/25/12 Doug McAllister, Under the hood: Don't run empty
By Doug McAllister - If you continually drive with very little gas in your tank, you can wear out your fuel pump prematurely. But how low on fuel is too low? Repair shop owner Doug McAllister answers your car questions. FULL STORY
03/18/12 Under the hood: Faulty fuel readings can mean a failing pump
By Doug McAllister - On my 2006 Pontiac G6, I think there might be a problem with my gas gauge. Once it starts moving away from the full mark, it seems to move quickly toward empty. Doug McAllister answers your car reapir questions. FULL STORY
03/11/12 Mild winter still hard on your car
By Doug McAllister - Even though we just came through the third warmest winter on record, it was still hard on your vehicle. Cold temperatures, snowy and icy road conditions and road salt all can be extremely hard on the many different systems of your automobile. While... FULL STORY
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Displaying 71 through 80 of 114 results
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