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04/21/13 Know the difference between red, yellow and flashing lights
By Doug McAllister - You should pay attention to dashboard lights. If one of your warning lights illuminates, do you know what to do? If it is one of the red lights that turns on, this generally means you need to find a place to safely pull over and stop the vehicle. FULL STORY
04/14/13 Traction control powers down the engine
By Doug McAllister - Occasionally when I make a left turn, just after starting my turn, there is a 100-percent loss of engine power. This is on dry pavement without any slipping of the tires occurring. I am 65 and don't do jack rabbit starts. FULL STORY
04/07/13 Early tire pressure sensors beginning to fail
By Doug McAllister - Q. What is the deal with this low tire pressure light that keeps coming on in my car? It is so annoying and I can't seem to get it to stay off. The tire pressure seems fine. Help! FULL STORY
03/24/13 Driver looks for more support from auto seats
By Doug McAllister - Q. We have a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham in pristine condition with less than 70,000 miles. We've been in other cars (Lincoln van, Chrysler sedan) that fail to match the comfort of the Fleetwood's seating. Can you tell us which cars have super... FULL STORY
03/09/13 Synthetic oil needs less frequent changes
By Doug McAllister - Q. I have a follow-up question to your response about rarely driven cars still requiring regular oil changes. I only drive 2,000 to 4,000 miles a year. FULL STORY
02/24/13 Rarely driven cars still require regular oil changes
By Doug McAllister - Q. I have a 2006 Equinox with about 35,000 miles. I only drive about 4,000 to 5,000 miles a year and am wondering about oil changes. Should I still be changing the oil every three or four months -- even if I've only driven 1,200 to 1,500 miles? Or... FULL STORY
01/27/13 Nearly all oil is replaced when changed
By Doug McAllister - Q. My question is about engine oil capacity. The owner's manual states when changing the oil and filter it takes 7.7 quarts. I had my first oil change done by my Ford dealer. They replaced the filter and six quarts of oil. FULL STORY
01/20/13 Buy correct fuel for optimal performance
By Doug McAllister - Q. The owner's manual for my Jaguar says to use a minimum of 91 octane gasoline. The top gasoline at most stations is 93 octane, and 89 octane is also available. Would it hurt anything if I filled up with 93 octane and top it off with the 89 octane... FULL STORY
01/13/13 Cold weather freezes up cruise control
By Doug McAllister - Q. I have been using the cruise control on my 2006 Grand Marquis on a regular basis. It works just fine except when temperatures get below about 40 degrees. Then I need to wait until the car warms up before it can be made to activate. FULL STORY
01/06/13 Winter tires increase traction for performance cars
By Doug McAllister - Q. I bought four Goodyear Eagle GTs for my 2006 Pontiac G6 GT coupe. They do not perform well in snow. Do you think this is because the tires I bought are too aggressive for the car? FULL STORY
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Displaying 31 through 40 of 105 results
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