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07/21/13 Cooling fan problem causes overheating
By Doug McAllister - Q. Why is it that my car tends to overheat when I am stopped at a light but will begin to cool down as I am going down the road? I also don't seem to have the problem when the air conditioning is on. FULL STORY
06/30/13 Extending life of antifreeze carries a financial risk
By Doug McAllister - Q. My comments and questions are about antifreeze. Some say it lasts two to three years when you buy a car new. Some say you can extend that to five years or 150,000 miles. FULL STORY
06/23/13 Vibration, differing opinions puzzle car owner
By Doug McAllister - In late 2012, I received a notification from Nissan that some Pathfinders, as well as other trucks, experienced radiator leaks into the transmission. The car now vibrates at 40 mph, but the dealer told me my transmission and radiator are fine. They... FULL STORY
06/16/13 Don't over fill oil with newer car
By Doug McAllister - Q. I have a 2001 Buick Regal which, I understand, should take 4.5 quarts of oil on an oil change, NOT five quarts. Is the higher amount harmful to the engine? It does read considerably over the full mark on the dip stick when this happens. FULL STORY
06/09/13 Should CD player draw power when vehicle is off?
By Doug McAllister - In our May 26 column, we were trying to help a reader with a Mustang whose car battery often went dead. One of our readers has experienced the same problem and shared the following information with us about the CD player. FULL STORY
05/26/13 Battery draw could be from fuse, alternator
By Doug McAllister - Q. I own a 2006 Mustang convertible with 30,000 miles. I love the car but if I leave it for more than four days the battery goes dead. I have done my own investigation as trunk lights, doors left open, etc., with no luck. Now I just shut everything... FULL STORY
05/19/13 A/C recharge is more complex than in the past
By Doug McAllister - Q. I have a 2008 Toyota Camry and my air conditioning stopped working. I noticed last year toward the end of the summer that it was not as cold as normal. Then this winter my windows did not seem to clear as easily as they have in the past. Is there... FULL STORY
05/12/13 Irksome dome light hard to diagnose
By Doug McAllister - Q. My overhead interior dome lights do not turn off after turning the car off. I have to manually turn them on and off. Also, my left rear passenger door does not open with the remote. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. FULL STORY
04/28/13 Dashboard radio screen brightness on the blink
By Doug McAllister - Q. I own a 2007 Chevy Malibu LE 4 cylinder with 46,000 miles. I love the car except for one thing: the information located in the radio area cannot be read on a bright day. This displays the time, temp, radio station, etc. FULL STORY
04/21/13 Know the difference between red, yellow and flashing lights
By Doug McAllister - You should pay attention to dashboard lights. If one of your warning lights illuminates, do you know what to do? If it is one of the red lights that turns on, this generally means you need to find a place to safely pull over and stop the vehicle. FULL STORY
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Displaying 21 through 30 of 104 results
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