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08/22/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: Heat changes tire pressure
By Doug McAllister - Q. I put air in my tires yesterday and had all the tires at the same pressure. My question is that if the tires are in direct sunlight, will that increase tire pressure? FULL STORY
08/14/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: Heat, cold spark battery debate
By Doug McAllister - Q. Can you settle an argument about battery longevity? I say that heat is the true killer of batteries. Summers of 200-degree under-hood temperatures eventually weaken the battery and it fails on the coldest day of the winter. My co-worker claims... FULL STORY
08/07/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: Tires
By Doug McAllister - Q. Maybe you can share your thoughts on this problem. I have an 2004 Lincoln LS with 65,000 miles. When I had 15,000 on it, I started hearing a thumping. FULL STORY
07/24/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood:
By Doug McAllister - You may have noticed it's been hot lately! So what does this mean for your car? Generally when the weather goes extreme, either hot or cold, we see anything on your car that is marginal can fail. FULL STORY
07/17/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: Worry-free road trips
By Doug McAllister - I love this time of the year! I love boating and sitting on the back porch enjoying the outdoors and I love going on a road-trip vacation. I also love to help my clients get ready for their road trip, unless of course it goes something like this . FULL STORY
06/19/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: Fuel mileage mistake identified
By Doug McAllister - Q. I read your article about the guy who had his mileage go up suddenly from 22 to 33 miles per gallon. This happened to me, too. I my case, I accidentally changed the odometer to show kilometers instead of miles. I wonder if this happened to him? FULL STORY
06/12/11 Stalls can be related to coolant loss
By Doug McAllister | Under the Hood - Q. My daughter, who lives in Atlanta, has a 1998 Buick Regal and the 3800 engine with 217,000 miles on the odometer. Sometimes it kills or abruptly hesitates upon acceleration or sometimes seems to sputter under load while going uphill. FULL STORY
05/29/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood:
By Doug McAllister - Q. I have a 1996 Lincoln Town Car with 80,000 miles. As soon as the temperature gets above 70 degrees, the car dies when waiting at a light and dies sometimes when making a turn. Or, sometimes when waiting at a light it will surge and then die. FULL STORY
05/22/11 Doug McAllister/Under the Hood: Distributor problem can cause stalls
By Doug McAllister - My 1994 Honda Accord LX has stalled out twice once at a stop sign. The car restarted after six or seven attempts. The weather was dry. I took it to my reliable repair shop and they could not find anything wrong. The next time it happened two weeks... FULL STORY
05/15/11 Doug McAllister: Under the hood Cars need oil change after length sit
By Doug McAllister - I read the column you published last month about oil life and had a related question. I store a 2002 Corvette six months out of the year. It gets limited use during the other 6 months. It went into storage with a fresh change of synthetic oil. If I... FULL STORY
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Displaying 91 through 100 of 105 results
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