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05/07/10 'You (in)complete me': 'Iron Man 2' does bait and switch in trailer
By Dann Gire - Have you seen the theatrical trailers and TV commercials for "Iron Man 2"? The ones where Pepper Potts says, "Go get 'em, Boss!" Then Iron Man shouts "You complete me!" as he jumps out of an airplane? FULL STORY
05/07/10 When, oh when, will James Bond be back?
By Dann Gire and Raymond Benson - Dann: Bad news in Bondtown, Raymond. MGM's money troubles have shelved plans to make the next 007 extravaganza that Oscar-winner Sam Mendes was hired to direct. Poor guy. First he loses Kate Winslet, then the 23rd James Bond movie. FULL STORY
05/06/10 Downey keeps action-packed 'Iron Man 2' light and fun
By Dann Gire - "Iron Man 2" takes off with a sputter, flies aimlessly around for a while, then finally kicks the blasters into overdrive during the last act to deliver a comic book adventure worthy of its well-made 2008 original. FULL STORY
05/03/10 Remakes, sequels make 2010 a light year for summer blockbusters
By Dann Gire - To be charitable, we might call the summer movies of 2010 "risk averse." That's a fancy business term for "innovatively challenged." Or "creatively nullified." Or just plain "conceptually recycled." FULL STORY
05/02/10 500 cyclists descend on Lake Zurich for memorial, fundraiser ride
By Dann Gire - About 500 motorcyclists descended upon Paulus Park in Lake Zurich Saturday afternoon, and the police were ready for them - to direct traffic and ease road congestion. FULL STORY
04/29/10 'Nightmare' not the remake it's sliced up to be
By Dann Gire - Samuel Bayer's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" squanders a grand opportunity to reinvent and update Wes Craven's 1984 horror mini-classic about a diabolical pizza-faced boogeyman who kills tired teenagers while they dream. FULL STORY
04/23/10 Aidan Quinn relishes new roles after 7 months off
By Dann Gire - April's been a great month for Chicago-born actor Aidan Quinn. Last week, "Eclipse" opened in Chicagoland, featuring the 51-year-old actor as a slimeball American novelist stuck at a literature festival in Ireland. FULL STORY
04/23/10 'A Shine of Rainbows' a quiet but engaging domestic drama
By Dann Gire - Vic Sarin's "A Shine of Rainbows" won't be raking in the cash at this weekend's box office. It lacks popular A-list stars, operates on a minimal marketing budget and offers a subject that doesn't exactly scream date movie. FULL STORY
04/23/10 Too much violence from Hollywood? Try a little Shakespeare
By Dann Gire - Hi! I'm a mom of two adolescent boys, and I'm wondering if you notice, like I have, that the percentage of violent movies coming out this last year is increasing! FULL STORY
04/22/10 J Lo's comedy 'Back-up Plan' fails to deliver
By Dann Gire - Here's a romantic comedy that thinks if a woman vomiting once is funny, it'll be twice as funny if she vomits again. Or that if a man "accidentally" falling down is funny once, it'll be a real hoot if he falls down again. FULL STORY
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Displaying 891 through 900 of 967 results
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