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05/26/10 'Sex and the City 2' not as good as the first time
By Dann Gire - You. Yeah, you! If you already have plans for a girls' night out to see the new movie "Sex and the City 2," don't read this review. It's not for you. FULL STORY
05/21/10 Bollywood's sensational 'Kites' soars over the top
By Dann Gire - Every frame in the bold, breakthrough Bollywood movie "Kites" looks as if it's been purloined from a heavy-breathing Victoria's Secret commercial. FULL STORY
05/21/10 What not to title your movie: 'how', 'legend', 'American', 'dawn'
By Dann Gire - More bad titles axed! I asked for the worst, most unimaginative movie titles ever created, and Daily Herald readers responded! FULL STORY
05/20/10 Latest 'Shrek' sequel a 3-D homage to midlife crisis
By Dann Gire - "Shrek Forever After," the third and supposedly final sequel in the popular fractured fairy tale franchise, still packs plenty of green entertainment power. FULL STORY
05/14/10 What happened to originality in movie titles?
By Dann Gire - Here are the top 10 most overused Hollywood movie titles that should be placed on a permanent moratorium immediately: FULL STORY
05/14/10 'Letters to Juliet' stamped by listless plot
By Dann Gire - If you like the generic pop-tune montage that opens "Letters to Juliet," you'll love the second one 30 minutes later. FULL STORY
05/13/10 Ridley Scott's 'Robin Hood' a passionless, joyless tale
By Dann Gire - Zounds! What hath Ridley Scott done to ye old Robin Hood and his band of merry men? You know, the beloved English outlaw who took from the rich and gave to the poor in one of history's most celebrated redistribution of wealth programs? FULL STORY
05/13/10 By-the-numbers 'Just Wright' gets it almost right
By Dann Gire - There are moments in the trite rom-com "Just Wright" when executive producer Queen Latifah looks unbelievably stunning in an evening gown, or just swaddled in a set of overalls. FULL STORY
05/07/10 'You (in)complete me': 'Iron Man 2' does bait and switch in trailer
By Dann Gire - Have you seen the theatrical trailers and TV commercials for "Iron Man 2"? The ones where Pepper Potts says, "Go get 'em, Boss!" Then Iron Man shouts "You complete me!" as he jumps out of an airplane? FULL STORY
05/07/10 When, oh when, will James Bond be back?
By Dann Gire and Raymond Benson - Dann: Bad news in Bondtown, Raymond. MGM's money troubles have shelved plans to make the next 007 extravaganza that Oscar-winner Sam Mendes was hired to direct. Poor guy. First he loses Kate Winslet, then the 23rd James Bond movie. FULL STORY
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Displaying 891 through 900 of 975 results
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