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09/16/10 True grit: Affleck makes tough but tender 'Town' his own
By Dann Gire - "The Town" is a slickly constructed heist thriller that dares to suggest that a person born in violence and brokenness can yearn for something better and can muster the strength to break the cultural and familial chains that have kept him a prisoner... FULL STORY
09/11/10 Ebert brings back new version of 'At the Movies'
By Dann Gire - Producers Roger and Chaz Ebert announced Friday that the cutting-edge movie review TV show "At the Movies" will be resurrected in January on WTTW as "Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies." FULL STORY
09/10/10 'Hurt Locker' screenwriter at Harper College
By Dann Gire - Screenwriter Mark Boal, whose script to "The Hurt Locker" won him an Oscar earlier this year, will speak about his experiences as an embedded journalist in Iraq at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine. FULL STORY
09/10/10 'I'm Still Here' mockumentary plays audience for chumps
By Dann Gire - If Casey Affleck's new movie "I'm Still Here" had been a genuine exploration of Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix's wacked-out journey to become a white hip-hop star, it would have been a shocking, revelatory glimpse into the painful limits that... FULL STORY
09/06/10 Documentaries, demons and a dark lord: Fall films delve for depth
By Dann Gire - The best news of the fall movie season: Only one vampire film will be coming our way, at least up through Nov. 19. FULL STORY
09/05/10 Documentary maker gives comedy a try in 'Going the Distance'
By Dann Gire - Filmmaker Nanette Burstein made her name in the world of documentaries by directing the Hollywood-themed "The Kid Stays in the Picture" in 2002 and "American Teen" in 2008. FULL STORY
09/03/10 Reel Life review: 'Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1, Part 2'
By Dann Gire - "There are no heroes in crime!" says Jacques Mesrine, France's Public Enemy No. 1, just before he meets his bullet-riddled demise in Jean-Francois Richet's "Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1." FULL STORY
09/03/10 The summer's top box office release? 'Toy Story 3'
By Dann Gire - The Walt Disney/Pixar production "Toy Story 3" (in 3-D) mopped up at the summer box office, coming in No. 1 with a take of $405.8 million since its June 18 release. FULL STORY
09/02/10 Over-the-top 'Machete' cuts through grindhouse conventions
By Dann Gire - "Machete" is a deliriously daffy tribute to the over-the-top, 1970s grindhouse features flooded with excessive nudity, sex, violence and hilarious tough-guy dialogue. FULL STORY
09/02/10 'Going the Distance' proves not all can follow the Judd Apatow formula
By Dann Gire - Erin and Garrett have been separated for too long while working in different cities, so they decide to indulge in some phone sex. FULL STORY
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Displaying 831 through 840 of 971 results
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