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11/17/10 Holiday films deliver the 'Tron' and 'True'
By Dann Gire - The holiday movies have returned with a blissful mix of baby boomer catnip, special effects adventures, animated comedies and contemporary reworkings of classic material. Julie Taymor has a new take on Shakespeare's "The Tempest." The... FULL STORY
11/17/10 Local community theater actress still performing the arts at 80
By Dann Gire - Six days from now on Nov. 24, Ann Stewart turns the big 8-0. Most people hitting the octogenarian mark have long been retired. Stewart just finished mounting one of the biggest, most complicated shows of her long and distinguished suburban stage... FULL STORY
11/16/10 Gloomy 'Deathly Hallows' sets the stage for Harry Potter's final spell
By Dann Gire - Maybe Harry Potter could cast a magic spell over us before we see his new movie. He could point his magic wand and utter an incantation like "NoDozeium Offem." Or "RedBullium Energizus." That might help get us... FULL STORY
11/11/10 'Unstoppable' a heart-pounding ride
By Dann Gire - Seriously, how threatening and scary can a big, unmanned choo-choo be? Let yardmaster Connie Hooper answer that one. "A missile the size of the Chrysler Building!" she screeches. FULL STORY
11/11/10 Franco riveting in '127 Hours'
By Dann Gire - Several viewers keeled over while watching Danny Boyle's fact-based drama at its Telluride Film Festival premiere earlier this year. That's actually a testimonial for Boyle's captivating survival movie and for James Franco's... FULL STORY
11/09/10 'Morning Glory' broadcasts a few laughs
By Dann Gire - Roger Michell's comedy "Morning Glory" could have easily assessed what's happened to America's TV news since James L. Brooks' 1987 masterpiece "Broadcast News" showed us a trio of reporters so busy with their professional... FULL STORY
11/05/10 Thandie Newton finds freedom in her work
By Dann Gire - Actress Thandie Newton turns 38 today. She's one of many stars in Tyler Perry's new movie "For Colored Girls," based on Ntozake Shange's Tony-nominated stage show "For Colored Girls Who've Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is... FULL STORY
11/04/10 More on 'Entertaining' vs. 'Good'
By Dann Gire - Dann: I think your column "Entertaining doesn't always equal good" (Oct. 29) hits it right on. Many a bad movie can be very entertaining, and that's OK for what it is. On the flip side, I'd say some of the best movies I have ever seen I... FULL STORY
11/04/10 Perry blunts powerful 'For Colored Girls'
By Dann Gire - When a Tyler Perry movie actually gets screened for critics, you know it must be something special. "For Colored Girls" is special, especially for a Tyler Perry movie. It offers a sterling cast of actresses who act their hearts out,... FULL STORY
11/04/10 'Fair Game' much more than anti-Bush tirade
By Dann Gire - Consider this a "family first" film. If Doug Liman's fact-based "Fair Game" had been just another political tirade against the Bush administration for outting CIA agent Valerie Plame, it would be old news and old... FULL STORY
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Displaying 791 through 800 of 972 results
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