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04/28/11 Fourth 'Fast and Furious' sequel a wild ride
By Dann Gire - The action-packed "Fast Five" is easy, breezy, bloodlessly violent comic-book fun featuring stony and stoic performances by Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson in a knock-down, drag-out battle of the bulges. FULL STORY
04/22/11 Dann in reel life: Pitching for a documentary
By Dann Gire - Dann reviews director Morgan Spurlock's new documentary "POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" along with "I Am" and reveals the winners of the annual Student Test Film Fest. FULL STORY
04/21/11 Lukewarm 'Water' trudges along at plodding pace
By Dann Gire - Sara Gruen's bestseller "Water for Elephants" gets emotionally watered down in Francis Lawrence's period drama about a tragic romantic triangle set against the backdrop of the Big Top during the Great Depression. FULL STORY
04/20/11 Lives of wild felines exposed in 'Cats'
By Dann Gire - This nature documentary boasts amazing, unbelievable footage of cats in Kenya and their stories of survival, undermined by juvenile, ridiculous dialogue narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. FULL STORY
04/15/11 Dann in reel life: Redford's 'Conspirator' plods along
By Dann Gire - Dann reviews Robert Redford's new historical drama "The Conspirator" and the Oscar-winning foreign language film "In a Better World." He makes the point that he can't stand any more "awesome" dialogue. FULL STORY
04/15/11 Burt Reynolds reflects on career before movie festival in Naperville, Woodridge
By Dann Gire, Daily Herald film critic - In advance of his visit to the suburbs, I played Five Questions With Burt Reynolds, who is preparing to meet fans at a mini-film festival in his honor this weekend in DuPage County. FULL STORY
04/14/11 'Scream 4' amps up the gore
By Dann Gire - It's a case of creative rigor motis setting in as the fourth "Scream" comic horror film succumbs to the same conventional cliches that it professes to skewer. Blood, guts and complications replace orginality and clever twists. FULL STORY
04/14/11 Cute 'Rio' undercut by cliches, stereotypes
By Dann Gire - "Rio," the latest 3-D animated adventure with serviceable music, kid movie cliches and ethnic stereotypes, isn't as bad as "Hop." But it's no "Toy Story 3" either. At least the generic story is pumped full of life by bright and crisp animation. FULL STORY
04/08/11 Dann in reel life: 'Super' turns out to be just that
By Dann Gire - Dann Gire reviews "Super," revisits the problems he had with "Hop" and fields a few suggestions for other films with great "gotcha" endings. FULL STORY
04/07/11 Dated 'Arthur' turns out to be one dud-ly remake
By Dann Gire - When you get caught between the moon and New York City, the best that you can do should be much better than this remake of the Dudley Moore/Liza Minnelli romantic comedy. Yet, here it is, a dated dud of a movie eking by on the limited ingratiating... FULL STORY
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Displaying 691 through 700 of 972 results
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